Friday, March 20, 2009

Support Our Troops Blog Day

I am sending all my unwanted and viewed dvd's to Jim Bradley, who operates the site Showtime, which collects and sends dvd (used and new) to the troops. I have done this once before, about two years ago, but Mimi's Support Our Troops Blog Event jostled my memory and reminded me it was time to do some dvd cleaning out. I also plan on going to my local Blockbuster and get several previously viewed films that they sell really really cheap - usually $5-7. I should have 2 dozen ready to mail out on Monday. If you would like to donate films to the troops, please click on the Showtime link above and get the address and all the info.

If there are other things you'd like to donate, please be sure to go to Mimi's blog and read all the things that the troops really need now!

Thanks for this all-so-important event, Mimi!
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