Monday, March 16, 2009

Relaxing Weekend, Prizes, Contests, Shopping, Awards....Oh, MY!

What a nice weekend. No guests - no errands or chores that needed immediate attention. Just a relaxing weekend to hang out around the neighborhood, chatting with neighbors and watching the world go by.
Of course, even though I didn't have work to do - the postman certainly did! Namely, to deliver my prize from the PFAAT giveaway! I won this very special pendant by Iva Wilcox, created with an optical lens, vintage images (on both sides) and a lovely piece of crumpled seam binding. She knew that I planned to give the piece to my mom for her birthday, so she also included a really lovely ATC for me to keep! Wasn't that generous of her! A gift included with a prize! And the necklace was beautifully packaged with shredded shiny paper and in a cellophane goodie bag - all ready for gift-giving! Now, that's a piece of mail worth getting off the street corner for!
This is the (far better) photo taken from the PFATT blog where I won the prize! It also shows the reverse side of the necklace pendant...quite nice, eh?!
Also went shopping on Saturday for a while. There was some kind of big sale going on downtown in all the shops, so off we went. We didn't go into all the stores...if they didn't want Dusty, they didn't want me! (Can you imagine anybody not wanting dignified, refined Dusty in their shop? And, yes, that's facetious, because I completely understand it.) We bought a few goodies on sale here and there - nothing to write home (or on a blog) about. But I did find these gorgeous trims which I thought would be perfect for a min-theatre piece or ...?!
Naturally, they were NOT on sale and were absurdly expensive, so we will probably be eating popcorn this week. But that's okay. We'll smile our way through poverty, knowing that things of beauty are worth starving for.
One thing that got the old blood pumping was the excitement of the treasure hunt over at Moonlight Hollow! And I won third place! I was actually the first to post 'finished' - but I made a mistake. sigh. Haste makes - well - you know. I thought that JFK and Jackie's favorite recipe was New England Clam Chowder...turns out, it was the Daquiri! I certainly can't argue with them...even if it did cost me first place! It was a really fun treasure hunt - took me almost an hour to complete it - and I was not wasting time! My fingers were fairly flying over the keyboard!

Then, I received this wonderful and thoughtful award from Lola at Lola Enchanted's Flea Market. Be sure to check out the goodies she offers! I think this is a special award, as it's for people who we have come to regard as friends, although perhaps we've never met other than online. Nice idea, I think!
Oh, yes!, there are blog festivities being thrown in honor of the new Somerset Studio publication, Marie, which is due out April 1st (actually, I understand some people have already received their copies - I, however, have not. Ahem). Two blog events I'll share today:
Now, I'm completely embarrassed that I can't remember who is having the first one (above). I pulled the button in order to let you know about it ... before I realized there was no address on the button! But, as I do my daily blog perusal, I'll find out where it's happening and let you know!

How thick of me! I just discovered that it's from Gabriela Delworth's blog! I knew I would find it as soon as I started my blog tour of the day! Click the link to learn more! I guess I forgot because, as it's one of my favorite stops, I presumed I'd remember. Argh. Anyway.

The second celebration (below) will be hosted by Joy at Cupid's Charm. Be sure to stop in there - and look at her last few posts. Joy has been visiting the gracious southern city of Savannah and has posted several times with loads of photos of her tours of this beautiful city's garden, architecture and interests.
And, finally, I have to thank the amazing Lisa Kittel for the magnificent Carnival Soiree over at Faerie Enchantment - be sure to look at her posts regarding this event this past Saturday - they were delightful beyond words! There are 7 of them - right in a row - don't miss any of them!

I leave you today with my little homage to the court of Marie Antoinette..

"of course I knew it was you, you silly b*tch"

Now, it's a gorgeous Monday - go make something wonderful!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

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