Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Beverly's Pink Saturday!

Okay. I knew it was time for Beverly's Pink Saturday ... and, though I knew I had to come up with a pink post, my mind was a complete and total pink blank.
Now, I know I could have just found more wonderful items that are available in pink - such as this Rolls Royce (which, by the way, I would be more than happy to accept if somebody felt the need to ... well, you know...)
But, then I ran across this wonderful little advertising gimmick that a smart artisan came up with! And the item isn't pink, but the background is totally pink, so I decide it would be up to the standards set for Beverly's Pink Saturday.

The advertisement/gift is wrapped in pink paper with a very clear indication of what the recipient should do: open.
Inside is a walnut - with an incredible hinge created with embroidery floss and more patience than I ever hope to have.
When the nutshell is opened, inside is a tiny book entitled "Gratitude (in a nutshell)."
Okay - isn't that cool?! You can read the way it's constructed here. It obviously is a labor of love ... and I would never have the where-with-all to make enough of them to use as advertisements for clients. But, as a special gift?! I think it's pretty nutty - er - nifty!
One final pink gift of the day (I know, this is the shortest Pink Saturday post I've ever done!) for those of you who feel the need to find the perfect accessory. Apparently this has been created so you can look cute-as-the-dickens and kill terrorists at the same time! Functional accessories will always be in!
After you've checked out all the other wonderful Pink Saturday posts, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

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