Friday, December 20, 2019

From My Home to Yours ... Joyeux Noël!

I wanted to share some of my holiday decorations with you. I know I don't usually post photos of my own things LOL - but I don't expect any guests this year for the holidays, so you'll be the only ones to join me in my holiday festivities!

Here is my studio ... and my Putz houses and German nutcrackers and sisal bottle brush tree collection.
Heh heh, you can tell from the top photo that I got a little carried away with the cropping of this photo - quite a few things were cropped off both ends. I was too crop-happy! LOL
The bottom two shelves house my Disney music box collection and collection of vintage Disney figurines.

Here are a few of my favorite Disney ornaments - I never seem to get enough of them!

This is our Nutcracker Suite tree. It is filled with ornaments depicting the story and my favorite characters from the ballet. Underneath the tree is our collection of Nutcracker Suite music boxes.
These are a few of my favorite ornaments and music boxes.

We probably have more Wizard of Oz ornaments than any other 'theme' - I started collecting them when I was quite young - still in school. And I've never stopped adding. I've become especially fond of the new ones that play music and light up and recite little sections of the film!
Just a few of my favorite ornaments from the merry old land of Oz!
 I've also always loved these rare ornaments with scenes from the film under glass domes. Sadly, they're just too darned heavy to hang on a tree, so I have to just plunk them down under the trees LOL
These are just a few of our Wizard of Oz music boxes ... we have to choose which ones to look at each year - we're just out of space LOL
I'm the only person I know who has a whole tree devoted to Marilyn Monroe. But there is some method to my bizarre madness. I have always been a huge fan - and there are so many really beautiful Marilyn ornaments. But, I always thought they looked strange next to more traditional ornaments on the Christmas tree. So I decided to devote one tree just to Marilyn ... and now I love it!
Here are a few of my Marilyn collection - check out those blow glass ornaments, arent' they knock outs?! My favorite is the funky television - when you push the top button, it plays a recording of Marilyn singing "Santa Baby!" 

Still under Holiday Construction!
Saturday, 7:30 pm. Whew. I'm still decorating our 'big' tree. I've just about had it for the day. This is as far as I've gotten.
I hope you'll stop by Sunday afternoon and see the finished tree and a few other special holiday decorations! I just can't go on any long today LOL.

 These are a few of my favorite traditional ornaments. Almost all are blown glass with hand painting embellishment - quite a few are very old. But there are also some fun new ones - I'm crazy about the 'new' retro '50s space ship and space men ornaments, as well as the reproduction miniature Victorian tin toys (that actually operate!). The gorgeous art doll is from artist Joanna, and the charming Victorian paper cornucopia is by by dear friend and artist Peggy Daily Gatto. Be sure to check out the amazing tiny carved and painted scene inside the walnut! 
Thanks to Beverly for hosting the marvelous Beverly's Pink Saturday blog hop! Be sure to check out all the other offerings this Christmas week!

Now, go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´) Tristan


Len said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It looks great.

Anonymous said...

I never question why Enchanted Reveiries is my favorite spot to visit. Wow! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Deborah said...

Awe, I love it all! Blessings to you, My Beloved Old Friend. How life changes and thankfully, continues to change. But Old Friends remain the same, held close within my heart.


DIYDesignStudio said...

Tristan, you never cease to amaze! So gorgeous and lovingly put together. Happy Happy to you!

Jeanie said...

Be still my heart! All those magnificent decorations -- they are simply dazzling! (And one of my favorite Christmas movie scenes, too! Don't you wish it was that easy in real life?!)

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Everything is lovely. Your collections are amazing
Would like to see in person so much to see
your blog is very intersting

Anonymous said...

Tristan, I am always amazed at what historical facts I can learn from you. Now I know about Putz houses and the sisal trees. I have always referred to them as bottle brushes , but never knew their history and the same for the houses. I am now sorry that I did not try to restore the one house that was falling apart in my Mom’s collection, but I could have sent it to you for your magic touch. I did save the glass bird with the missing feathers for the tail. Now I might just see what I can contrive to restore to former glory.
Thanks from Nina

Melodyscraps, mixed media goddess said...

Holy Cow! Your decorations are just gorgeous! So many beautiful ornaments! Thanks for sharing!

Chaotic Kristi said...

I just fell over

peggy gatto said...

Enchanted Revieries has always been the perfect name to describe your magic artful creations!!!
My grand daughter Clara was named after Clara, the ballerina in the Nutcracker!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner but it has been a bit busy around here!! THANK YOU so much for all your kind words!! Your comments really touched my heart!! I am now officially retired so I was able to put more time into decorating and rearrange a few things this year...I am still adjusting to retirement even though I have not worked since the end of Feb. but I was off due to health issues leading to my knee replacement surgery at the end of April...I am now feeling like myself and getting my Mo Jo back so I am looking forward to doing more decorating in the upcoming year as I had to pass on a lot of Seasonal and Holiday decorating last year....
Your decorating and Christmas Collections are nothing short of down right spectacular!!! My late neighbor Elly, who I mention frequently on my regular blog, loved Marilyn Monroe and would have adored your tree dedicated to her!! I will be by to visit again, I promise! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing yo a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Sandi Magle said...

Some absolutely fabulous theme trees. I really enjoyed looking closely at all your ornaments...some very interesting ones. And the last photo-----how much does he charge to do trees, LOL. !