Friday, August 24, 2018


sassyadjective \ˈsa-sē\ impudent, lively, spirited, vigorous, distinctively smart and stylish, showing no respect for people in authority, saucy, pert, confident, chic.
 Greece, 1960's
The Brooklyn high school pants protest of 1942. "Should high school girls of Abraham Lincoln High School on Ocean permitted to wear slacks to class?" The question was asked by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle in March 1942, in an article about 16-year old Beverly Bernstein who was suspended from Lincoln for showing up to class wearing blue gabardine slacks. Outraged classmates showed their support by coming to school the next day in pants. Sassy!
Indochina, 1918. There's the sassy girl in class on the left!
 Harlem, 1928. The sassy girls of a Harlem dance school.
Cleveland, 1924. Charlie's Angles? Three employees of the Cleveland Trust Company being trained to defend the main vault in the company's office.
Someone's great-grandma and 
great uncles somewhere in 1948.
New Orleans, 1953. Sassy dancing in tuxedos and tulle at the Bon Temps Carnival Ball.
North Dakota, 1898. A young Teddy Roosevelt, arguably America's sassiest President - until Barack Obama!
 Handsome faces of the sassy Tuskeegee Airmen, WWII.  The group included five Haitians from the Haitian Air Force, a pilot from Trinidad and a Latino airman born in the Dominican Republic.
Dayton, Ohio, 1944
 Russia, 1897. Anton Chekhov looking the sassiest!, 
considered to be among the greatest writers of 
short fiction and theatre plays in history.
France, 1944. Marquis, rural guerrilla bands of French Resistance fighters, near Toulon, France. Brave, patriotic ... and sassy!
 France, 1946. Shepherds on stilts. More about Sassy Men on Stilts.
Mexico, 1940. Someone's sassy grandpa looking suave in his 20's in his military ID.
Nebraska, 1910. Mamie Griffin, a sassy Nebraska woman.
Bronx, 1942. Sassy kid at the Bronx Zoo.
 Atlantic City, 1920's. Very sassy girls showing side boob in the twenties!
Berlin, 1924. Gay Ball
New York City, 1939. Man arrested for cross-dressing emerges from a police van feeling and looking sassy!
 Hollywood, 1931.  Frankenstein chilling on the set.
1955. That oh-so-sassy Joan Collins in Land of the Pharaohs
 China, 1901. Eating rice with a smile and some sass!

 1967. Sassy!

Hope you're going to have a sassy Saturday! Be sure to check out the other offerings from the participants in today's Beverly's Pink Saturday blog hop!
Then go make something beautiful!

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 Just because she's pretty fabulous and sassy!


Jackie PNeal said...

A totally sassy post Tristan!
Fun photos thanks so much for sharing!
Jackie xo

Jeanie said...

You captured sassy so well! I love that term -- it really says it all. Now I wonder if I have any sassy photos...