Friday, November 17, 2017

A Pink Palace for Beverly's Pink Saturday ...

It just doesn’t get much more kitsch (or pink) than screen siren Jayne Mansfield’s Sunset Boulevard home circa 1960. Floor to ceiling shag carpets, heart-shaped swimming pool, fireplaces and bathtubs, gold-plated fixtures a plenty, and of course, pink freaking everything.
 Photographed by LIFE photographer Allan Grant in 1960, the mid 20th century sex symbol shows us around her 40-room mansion, dubbed “the Pink Palace”, which she shared with her husband Mickey Hargitay.
 Mickey Hargitay must have been a better man than any I know to have been able to keep from going completely insane very morning he woke up in that house. Then again, I suppose he was crowned Mr. Universe 1955 for a reason.
 And he also built their heart-shaped swimming pool himself, which he personalised with “I love you, Jayne”, in gold leaf mosaic.
 I’m pretty sure my sister's first Barbie playhouse was modeled on this exact living room. Although, I don't believe Barbie had that terrific swan piano bench!
 Hmmmm. Could that be the future Lt. Olivia Benson in that pink swaddling room?
 Please. If you notice nothing else, notice the swan water taps!
Gulp. Jayne seems to have let Mick have one or two of his own “manly” areas of the house. Can we call these manly?!

Ringo Starr later lived in the Mediterranean-style house.
It was eventually demolished in 2002. I’m not sure if this is a bit of a tragedy or a favour to human kind.

This shot of Jayne and Mickey having a quiet evening at home for two is my favorite.
And now for an extremely awkward interview with the couple at their pink palace, demonstrating their exercise routines in very little clothing…and Mickey shows how he augmented their income by smuggling Austrian sausages into the country.
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Sadly, as we know, the pink palace is no longer standing. 
This short documentary from a 90's news report gives us a glimpse into Jayne's fabulous home.


peggy gatto said...

I loved the documentary . Definitely a Golden Pink time, true Hollywood.Reminds me of when I watched "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"!
thanks tristan!

Jackie PN said...

Okay, you got me right away with the Pink Gaudiness!! Yikes!!
I just Jayne's giggling! heeheeee