Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I've Got Those Dirty DIY Hands Blues ...

"Artist Hands" oil painting Thomas Saliot

 The bad news is we haven't had theatre tickets to anything in a couple of weeks. The good news is that means I've had time to get into the studio and play and make stuff and create messes and get my hands good and inky and glittery and paint-covered and ... well - you get the picture.

 I got a lot of the wonderful Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts Casts and couldn't wait to do something with them. I decided to combine them with the wonderful new chipboard die cut reliquary blanks from Alpha Stamps.
I started out prepping my various components. I gave both sides of three reliquary chipboard blanks two coats of black gesso, as well as the Relic & Artifacts Casts/Figureheads. Using Creative Paperclay, I created three textures backgrounds for the inside pieces of the reliquary blanks with a silicone mold. I also coated a chipboard die cut filigree with black gesso, and several mulberry paper flowers and leaves. Next, I covered the background of an 8"x10" thrift shop frame with vintage striped silk fabric. Upholstery braid was used around the opening of the frame to give the fabric a finished edge. The the die cut was sprayed with Prima "Empress Gold" Color Bloom Spray Mist and then adhered to the top of the frame. The frame was set aside to thoroughly dry while I played with the reliquaries!
Then I got to play with the magic paint! Pebeo "Vitrail," "Moon," and "Glitter Medium" were used on the tops of the reliquary blanks. The combination of these various paints make amazing and beautiful patterns when they react with each other. Click on the photo and see how they create lace-like patterns in the paint! It takes about a 48 hours for this paint to dry (and a full week to completely cure), so set aside and work on the Figureheads and backgrounds! Also, I suggest using either a popsicle stick or very inexpensive brush to lay the paint on - it's not water based and I hate cleaning it out of my good brushes, so I want to be able to throw away my tools when I'm through with them. (Bad wasteful crafter! Bad!)
If you would prefer, you can also get beautiful effects using Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks and layering Ice Resin on top of them.
Paint the paperclay backgrounds with Prima Art Alchemy Paint Opal Magic (Blue Gold), and put black gesso on three sets of Dresden wings (I used one larger set for the middle reliquary which was to have a larger figurehead used.) When the gesso is dried, apply Baroque Art Gilder's Paste (Inca Gold) to the raised area of the wings, and buff). When the paint is dry on the backgrounds, use the same Gilder's Paste and lightly go over the raised areas to highlight the relief. I applied the paint on the backgrounds with a sponge - if you click the photo, you can see a small amount of the black gesso still shows through. Glue the backgrounds to the reliquary blank and using a craft knife with a sharp blade, trim the paperclay to fit the shape.
When the top of the reliquaries are dry, glue to the backgrounds.
Using a sponge, apply Jacquard Lumiere Light Body Acrylic - 550 True Gold, and when dry, glue the wings to the back of the figureheads. I also lightly touched the highlights on the faces with the Gilder's Paste. Using Mesh Rhinestone Trim, cover the edges of the reliquaries. I used a black Sharpie magic marker to color the settings on the trim black to match the gesso - but you wouldn't have to do that (I was getting a little crazy at this point). Using the Lumiere True Gold, paint the flowers.
Adhere a figure head on the top of each reliquary. In the center of each background, I attached a broken piece of costume jewelry, and scattered micro mini beads around the jewels. Attach a ribbon (I used a piece of vintage wire lace ribbon) to the top of the frame backing and top it with a chipboard die cut scroll sprayed with the Prima Empress Gold Mist. Attach the reliquaries to the frame backing and arrange the flowers over the top of the two side pieces. Using a small piece of Dresden border, make a small circle and attach as a crown to top of middle figurehead.

Finally, use one of the chipboard diecuts from the top of the reliquary and coat it with black gesso. Using the Lumiere True Gold, paint a thin border around the edge, and affix under the center reliquary. Attach another piece of costume jewelry in the center (I used a copper fleur de lis with a little gesso rubbed into the crevices).
I actually quite like the way it looks hanging in the studio! If you'd like to try something similar, here is the supply list. All of the items available from Alpha Stamps are highlighted and linked in the directions above.
~ Supply List ~
3 Miniature Reliquary Blanks (I used three of the same frame, requiring three of the kits – but you could easily use three different ones and only use one kit)

3 Artist and Relics Figure Heads  (I used two of the smaller and one medium sized)

Creative PaperClay

Silicone Mold – Ornaments and Settings (this is not the exact mold I used, but will work perfectly!)

Black Gesso

Pebeo Vitrail

Pebeo Vitrail Lightening Medium

Pebeo Fantasy Moon

Pebeo Glitter Medium

(Instead of Pebeo Paints, Alcohol Inks can be used with a top coating of Ice Resin to create the glossy finish and depth the Pebeo paints achieve)

Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Opal Magic Blue-Gold

Jacquard Lumiere Light Body Acrylic 550 True Gold

Gilder’s Paste – Inca Gold

3 Sets of Dresden Scrap Wings – I used two sets small and 1 set medium, but all one size would work nicely as well.

Mesh Rhinestone Ribbon

Short piece of Dresden Gold Border (to use as crown on middle figurehead)

1 small veneer die cut

1 large chipboard die cut

1 thrift shop picture frame (I used an 8” x 10”)

length of vintage wire metallic ribbon

several small black mulberry flowers and leaves

some discarded/broken/mismatched costume jewelry pieces

a piece of vintage fabric large enough to cover the back of the frame (I used a silk drapery fabric)

Length of rolled trim, piping, thick lace, etc. to edge the backing inside the frame.
 After finishing up my reliquary figureheads, I realized that it was getting on towards Halloween time - and I really should do something new for the sideboard. I decided to try something a little different from my usual Victorian style witches and potions display and created a little homage to Edgar Allen Poe.
There are four separate pieces, each created from an Alpha Stamps die cut chipboard blank.
 The largest and central piece is a shrine using a Gothic Arch Tomb die cut as a base. I also used the 5" Creepy Tree die cut, the raven from the Creepy Critters Sheet die cut, Mini Chipboard Wrought Iron Fence, and a Set of Medium Columns.
To begin, coat all the pieces of the die cuts with black gesso on both sides and allow to dry.
Using sturdy black chipboard, cut two sides for the tomb so that it will stand freely on its own. Using matte Gel Medium, cover the tomb with text. I used several pages from an old anthology of Poe's work. Ink the edges of the tomb and then top with a layer of vintage Gel Medium, which will give  you a nice aged patina look.
Using a sponge, dab Tim Holtz Metallic Distress Paint Tarnished Brass onto the top sections of the columns, the fence, the door trim and the round window trim. When completely dry, dab first Tim Holtz Distress Paint Peeled Paint, leaving tarnished brass showing through in places. When dry, dab again with the sponge Tim Holtz Distress Paint Crushed Olive, leaving areas of tarnished brass visible.
Using the black chipboard, cut a 1 1/4" wide strip the width of your tomb. Adhere over the door with strong glue as a balcony. Use two Rectangular White Shelf Brackets painted with black gesso on either end to help support the balcony.
Create a small chipboard 'box cover' 4" x 8" and cover with paper from the Bo Bunny "Wickedly Wonderful Collection" paper pad.
Decorate the front of the tomb and door with images from Romantic Victorian Halloween Women Collage Sheet and Night Terrors Collage Sheet.
Affix the door trim to the tomb, trim the fence length in half horizontally and glue to balcony, using Small Gold Hinges with Screws, adhere door to frame.
Glue tomb to 'box cover.' Glue column tops to backings and affix to balcony and front of 'box cover.' Glue window trim around window.
Using an 18mm Glass Cabachon, color with Aqua Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink and glue to a small piece of acrylic (I used a piece of the packaging from a supply). Center and glue in place from the back of the tomb.
Using Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Mixer Copper, apply to Gold Baroque Dresden Borders. Glue strip to bottom of balcony and across bottom of 'box cover.' 
Glue Creepy Tree die cut onto reverse of tomb. Glue a ghostly image of a bridge onto the balcony. I used a die cut scroll sign and painted it with the same patina combination as the columns. I layered on a facsimile of Edgar Allen Poe's signature and topped it with a silhouette die cut of a raven.
If you would like to add the Cask of Amontillado images to the side, they are found on the Poe Story Elements Collage Sheet.
Next I made a Tell-Tale Heart tree. I used another 5" Creepy Tree die cut and gave both sides a coat of black gesso leaving a thick lumpy texture to resemble bark. Using some of the left over pieces from punching out the die cut, I fashioned a stand that would fit onto the tree, so it would support itself freely.
I used Prima Blooming Spray Mists in Empress Gold, Plum and Scarlet to color the tree.
I then created a "bloom" of a heart with the words 'Tell-Tale' on it and glued several onto the tree.
If you would like to recreate this tree, I have included a free collage sheet at the end of this post which you are welcome to copy and use - you will need to resize each of the images for each project section.
This little mausoleum was created from the shortest squat house in the die cut Cabana House Row Set. First coat all the pieces of the house with black gesso, fold the house and glue it together. Cut the roof section of the die cut so that it is flush with the walls and doesn't have a large overhang. Use the same patina technique used in the tomb above. Glue the roof to the house.
Cover the house with the same text you used on the tomb, adhering with the gel medium and top coating with the vintage gel medium.
You will find the images for the two women on my free collage sheet at the end of this post. Resize to fit the house.
The text 'The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world,' is from the Poe's Words Collage Sheet. I underlined it with Tiny Dot Black Dresden Borders.
Using the same Dresden and Alcohol Ink that was used on the tomb, color the Dresden border and line the roof edges with it.
The window is made from the spoke window in the Decorative Window Set 1:24 die cuts. It has been coated with black gesso, backed with a piece of spider web paper from the "Wonderfully Wicked Collection" paper pad, and Glossy Accents filled in the openings to simulate glass.
For the reliquary, I used a die cut reliquary blank. Coat both pieces on both sides with black gesso, and use the smallest figurehead on the Relics & Artifacts Casts: Figureheads collection, giving it a coat of black gesso, as well. Choose an image from the Just Poe Collage Sheet and glue it to the back section of the reliquary. Using the same patina technique as in the tomb above (Tim Holtz Metallic Distress Paint Tarnished Brass, Tim Holtz Distress Paint Peeled Paint, Tim Holtz Distress Paint Crushed Olive) sponge the top of the reliquary and the figurehead.
Using some of the Crushed Olive Distress Paint, put some on the Fancy Leaf Header Filigree and then wipe it off so that it remains in the crevices.
Glue the top portion of the reliquary to the backing, and affix the figurehead and the leaf filigree. Place a piece of the alcohol inked gold Dresden border to the bottom of the photo.
Make 'rivets' with Ranger Rose Gold Liquid Pearls around the edge of the reliquary.
Glue a small black silk ribbon under the figurehead.

Here is the supply list for all the different pieces of the vignette (everything available from Alpha Stamps is highlighted and linked in the directions above):
Die Cuts

Gothic Arch Tomb

Mini Wrought Iron Fence

Raven from Creepy Critters Shape Set

Column Set Medium

Cabana Row House (shortest squat house in set)

5” Creepy Tree (2)

Spoke Window from Decorative Windows Set 1:24

Arch Reliquary from Miniature Reliquaries Kit

Collage Sheets

“Just Poe”

“Poe Text”

“Poe Story Elements”

“Romantic Victorian Halloween Ladies”

Paints, Adhesives, Inks

Ranger Glossy Accents

Ranger Alcohol Inks (Mixative Copper)

Ranger Alcohol Inks  - Aqua

Ranger Distressed Paint (Antiqued Bronze, Peeled Paint, Crushed Olive)

Ranger Liquid Pearls  (Rose Gold)

Tim Holtz Distress Medium (Matte, Crazing)

Scor-Tape – ¼”

Assorted Other

18mm Cabechon

Fancy Leaf Header Filigree

Small Gold Hinges with Screws

Baroque Dresden Borders Gold

Relic & Artifacts Casts: Figureheads

Assorted 6” x 6” papers from Bo Bunny pad “Wonderfully Wicked Collection”

If you would like to recreate these pieces, you are welcome to click on the image below to get a large resolution image of my collage sheet which you are free to use on your projects. Enjoy!

Thanks for spending some time with me here today ... I have another fun little project coming up in a few days. And, then, a really special guest author posting, which promises to be great fun!

Now, go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)(¸.•´ 

(¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥


DIYDesignStudio said...

Incredibly prolific art! Fantastic array of truly spooky and inspired creations. Thanks for sharing with us.

Betsy Skagen said...

I can't decide which of these fantastic projects I love the most! I know I want to reread how you made the little gold angel heads. I definitely need to try something like that. I also love how your tell-tale tree is a similar concept to my skull tree!

Why oh why can't we live in the same part of the country so we can craft together?

Rena Sawatski said...

Great scene,Tristan. My favourite is the tree with the hearts.

Artfully Musing said...

Well you have been a busy boy. You used so many cool techniques and products to create your Reliquaries. Inca Gold Gilder's Paste makes the world a better place. Love the sparkle and the lovely ribbon you used at the top. Great idea to mount them in a frame. Oh and Poe - wheeee Look at you rocking goth! I think the hearts in the tree are my favorite and what a clever idea. Also loving how you made the widow's walk at the top with the bride. Is the statue of the image in the back just a backdrop for the photo or is it part of the scene? Either way I love the look, the juxtaposition of the large and the miniature.

Dana Tatar said...

Wow! Your pieces are fantastic. I absolutely love all the details and textures. Thanks for sharing!