Saturday, January 23, 2016

Marie Antoinette's Opera Comique Mini Theatre

I have to admit, whenever I find out that the theme of a month's projects is going to involve a miniature theatre or house, my eyes light up like a kid seeing his first b.b. gun! I've always been enchanted with and somewhat obsessed with mini-theatres. There's something nostaglic and romantic and downright magical about them! And, of course, my second obsession, Marie Antoinette, being able to be included makes it all that much more enticing.

This structure was begun with one of Alpha Stamps most versatile miniature house blanks - the Square Shrine Shadowbox. Turned one way you get a wonderful little room or theatre with a 'header' - turned upside down you get a charming little coach blank - add wheels and away you ride!

I also added three of the WONDERFUL miniature batter operated carriage lamps across the back - a little luxurious perhaps - but I think Marie and her theatre is worth it! Besides the various metal findings and filigrees used, I found that Flower Soft was the perfect touch to add a bit of texture to the stage prop topiaries.

Look how charming the scene is and how it comes to life with the miniature vintage carriage lamps turned on!
The side panels  with the columns and guards were cut from a collage sheet and added "wing style" to the sides of the theatre, so from the front they look like they're part of the architectue, when actually, they are just deceiving to the eye!
Here is a side view of the theatre, showing all the depths and layering which were used - you can also see the "winged" flies on the side and the on/off switches for the lamps which I installed at the top of the theatre behind the large Marie. (By the way, The stage Marie and the large Marie are the same image from the same collage sheet. The large Marie was printed at 600% and the small Marie (and her courtier partner) were printed at 50% of the original size.)
If you would like to make a mini-theatre for yourself, all the supplies are available with one click from Alpha Stamps - who also have lots of other subject matters if Marie doesn't quite do the tricke for you! Just click on the words 'Supply List' below to go right to the list of supplies that I used...the pieces I used from my stash (the pink beads, etc.) are things that you're sure to have around the house in your own stash - or easily available from a discount craft house.
Square Shrine Shadowbox
Sq Shadowbox Opera Comique Collage Sheet
French Ballet Costumes Collage Sheet (1 was printed at 50%
size for stage dancers and one was printed 600% for the rooftop figure)
3 Victorian Sconce Wall Lamp
3  Lightweight Round Filigree
Pink Sweeper Fringe
Gold Ric Rac Dresden Borders
Wide Brass Header Filigree

Thanks for visiting me and seeing my Marie Antoinette Mini Theatre Opera Comique. Hope you're inspired to make something pretty and special - what a great Valentine gift this would make, huh!, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´♥ Tristan



Christina Paul said...

This is just amazing! Marie would definitely be pleased!
Thanks so much for sharing the supply list -Are the lamps from Alpha Stamps too?

Tristan Robin said...

Thanks so much!
Yes, the carriage lamps are from Alpha Stamps - you'll find them on the supply list link.
Have lots of fun and go wild!
Share a photo of your creation!

Cathy said...

Tristan, This is absolutely beautiful. As is everything you create. I adore it. Great job! xo

Artfully Musing said...

Beautiful work as always!

peggy gatto said...

Divine magic, you are the Master!!!

granniegee said...

You have convinced me that there is far more to paper than card making. I love this piece.

granniegee said...

You have convinced me that there is far more to paper than card making. I love this piece.

Betsy Skagen said...

Maybe you didn't win the powerball, but when artistic talent was being handed out, you definitely won the lottery. As usual, I am in love with this piece. I'm always a sucker for adding light to paper projects. And the sweeper fringe and beads are beautiful touches.

BTW, I just saw your reply on my other post and I am going to send you a message on FB because boy oh boy, am I in trouble.

Keep up your amazing work.

Barbara DeLisle said...

love love love-so much amazing talent

Shannon Cooper said...

What a delightful little theatre! Just lovely.

Teri Calia said...

Exquisite! I love everything about it :)

sheilaAR said...

Absolutely magnificent!!! Your work brings me joy, and I especially delight in this, your Marie theatre has made me swoon today!! xo

DIYDesignStudio said...

Wildly Delicious!

Jackie PN said...

You always do Marie such justice- she'd be proud!
Jackie xx