Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Nutcracker Mini-Theatre

Here it is - December and heading into the excitement and magic of the Christmas season. For me, that has always meant one thing since I was a small child: a trip to see "The Nutcracker Suite" ballet. It could be anywhere - I love lavish productions like the Bolshoi Ballet which was an enchanted evening; I love fun amateur ballet companies when perhaps the dancing and the technical requirements are not first class, but the energy and joy and delight of the dancers make up for it all; and I love campy, contemporary versions, such as Mark Morris' "A Hard Nut" which turns "The Nutcracker Suite" on it's head and spins in circles!

So, it was only natural that when I found out my assignment for the December design project for Alpha Stamps was to use the Open Front Room Box Kit (which is essentially a stage), I immediately knew I wanted to make a Nutcracker scene filled with my favorite characters, and all the really charming miniature treasures and collage sheets available at Alpha Stamps.

The entire diorama, showing all the rooms and Nutcracker Suite characters...
 ...and the same scene in the shadows of night!
(Remember - as always - you can click on any image on
Enchanted Revelries and get a larger image!)

I thought you might like to see a few Ready-for-my-close-up-Mr. DeMille of the Nutcracker characters that appear in this diorama. There isn't, of course, room for them all - and I had to leave
out a few of my favorites - the Russians and the Spanish are two I always look forward to
seeing. But, we do have ...

And, to let you know how you can get all these wonderful things to make your own Christmas scene, here are all the different items and links to Alpha Stamps from whence they came!

Photographs are Framed in
this Setting and this Setting and this Setting.
The fringe on the bottom of the ribbon is the
The tree is decorated with miniature Christmas Ornaments, 
available here, and is standing on the miniature mahogany
pie crust table here. All of the tiny presents under the tree were
made from the Tiny Little Christmas Gifts collage sheet here.  See the wonderful
fireplaces available to warm up your room here. The fire
in the fireplace image is from page 2 of the Ghostmore Manor Collage Sheet
Set which is available here. That is also the set of collage sheets that has the floors I used in the diorama.  I love the pair of candlabrum available here which 
illuminates the miniature créche, and the Mini Pine & Berry Garland that I used
to drape the room is available here. The ever so handsome fireplace tools and 
pair of andirons are available here...the set also comes with bellows which I didn't use.
The set of fireplace tools also includes the lovely Anniversary Clock under a glass cloche 
that I used on the glass shelves (bottom shelf) in the photo below.
 The large Brass Frame to the left is available here - it looks a bit different here
because I bent the hanging hook to the back of the frame so it's no longer visible.
 I was so glad to finally be able to use this wonderful piece of artwork available on
the Boutique Exquisite collage sheet available here and the 1"x2" glass shelves can be found
here. On the shelves are some beautiful Victorian miniatures that fit right into the house where
this magical story takes place. On the top two shelves, the lidded 'ivory' jardinere
and the 'marble' Bust of Diana. The lovely Anniversary Clock under a glass cloche
comes as part of the set of fireplace tools and andirons.
The perfectly adorable little pug is available here, but, be sure to check out all the miniature pets here - especially the cocker spaniel and the bichon frise! as well as cats and other animals - to find the perfect pet for your room diorama!
 The center room, which is where I started constructing my 'house,' is the Open Front
Room Box - a sturdy, well made, and easily assembled kit to get you started. You can make just one 
room, or do as I did and continue to build onto it and make a series of rooms - or to make it easy
on yourself, you could just use 2 or three of the Open Front Room Boxes and put them next to each other - easy peasy! There are also several other styles of room diorama boxes to choose from
so take your time and pick out your favorite ones!

The chandelier hanging in this room is not electrified, but is a real beauty and very reasonable.
The Brass Chandelier can be found on the website here.

The Mini Garden Plant Stand makes the perfect serving stand for luscious miniature
treats. The tiny foil wrapped gifts are available here and the single candlesticks with candles 
I've used in the windows are available here. The pretty miniature gold tinsel garland on the tree
picks up the light beautifully and is available here.

This lovely Victorian Side Table is - believe it or not! - plastic. But it really does
look like the 'real thing!' I couldn't believe it when I saw it. You can see it on the site here.
 Under the tree, you'll find lots of toys left by Santa ... well, in this case, they were all
left by Alpha Stamps! Foil-wrapped gifts, a sled, a drum, a toy train ...
a miniature child's puppet theatre, which is from the Tiny Paper Theater Blocks Collage Sheet ...
a sled, a ball, a jack in the box, a sailboat, a toy airplane, and lots of books which
The adorable tiny rocking horses are available here.
You can find all the other toys in the Dollhouse Toys section.

Thank you so much for visiting and seeing my Nutcracker Christmas diorama ... and I hope you're
inspired to make a Christmas scene or room of your own! The possibilities for themes are endless! go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)(¸.•´ 
(¸.•´♥ Tristan

Be sure to check out my Zibbets shop for all the vintage inspired Christmas
gifts for others and yourself I have been busy creating!


Createology said...

I am truly Enchanted with this amazing Nutcracker Diorama you have so carefully created. I also love any performance and can almost see this Work of HeArt coming to life. Breathless Creative Bliss...

peggy gatto said...

I hope everyone clicks to enlarge the pictures!!!! Amazing and enchanting, a treasure!!!

Betsy Skagen said...

Tristan. Seriously? Holy Moose Balls! This is so amazingly fantastic! I want to sit down with you and find out all the details and how long it took you to make it. It probably would have taken me a month! You have upped the ante my friend. Truly a gorgeous piece of work.

smokeysmom said...

Truly amazing and wonderful! I can see the eyes of little children (and adults!) light up as they view your fantastic Nut Cracker's just perfect!

Blue Tourmaline said...

Where did you get that tiny Nativity? I am a loyal alpha stamps customer, but I don't see it on their website. Your whole piece is incredible.

Artfully Musing said...

This is just beyond wonderful Tristan. There are so many little magical details and so much to take in. A truly amazing piece of work and oh my I know you put an unbelievable amount of time creating this treasure. I can't wait to share this with my followers. Thanks for being you Tristan!!

Jenny Petricek said...

This is breathtaking in its beauty and detail! What a great project and theme!

Barbara Rankin said...

OMG, Tristan, this is absolutely amazing. I felt like I was in some kind of magical world, and each element was a sight to behold. I cannot imagine how much work went into this piece, but it would definitely take someone with your creativity to put it all together so beautifully.

Leslie G said...

This is amazing. I love all of your art. Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays.

Everyone should click to see the larger photos...totally worth it.

Jackie PN said...

I am speechless! I have looked and looked and looks again at your incredible piece!! Each time I discover something I had not seen and am amazed all over again!! This nutcracker suite is truly Exquisite and each scene reminds me of the ballets I have gone to as well,both as a child and an adult! Nothing completes my holiday more!(well,maybe my kids and cookies) heeehee
Thank you sooo much for sharing all of these wonderful closer ups- I just lover the Creche on the mantle!! And the pink nutcracker is my favorite- I do believe I shall repaint mine!
Have a wonderful Christmas rime and a healthy and joyful New Year!!
xo Jackie

Chark said...

absolutely gorgeous and amazing work!