Saturday, December 7, 2013

40 Beautiful Ideas for Vintage Christmas Trees

Vintage is amazing, it’s charming and beautiful! What style can be better for creating a snow fairy-tale then? A vintage Christmas tree will be a centerpiece of your vintage celebration and will give you many positive emotions. Choose vintage decorations – even Victorian style or old watches. An old jewelry tree is always to the point – it won’t take much space and will attract attention very well. Make one using burlap, paper, ribbons and garlands; you can even make one of printed music – that looks so sweet! Shabby wooden planks stuck into a tree will give that shabby chic vintage look that excited so much! Even a vintage ladder decorated properly would make a terrific alternative to a usual tree, and, of course, with a vintage touch. The best color for vintage trees or decorations is white, the main winter color that always looks amazing. Look for more inspiration below.

 Yes, for those who have been following me for awhile, I posted this ladder tree last year. But, I really think it's cool! Even if, in my house, it would look like I was washing the windows and just didn't bother putting away the stuff I was using.

 Don't you want to spend hours shopping in the Christmas wonderland?!

 Yes, another favorite which I've posted before!

Now, you have lots of inspiration...
go make something beautiful!

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Originally shown in Digs Digs


Vickie Myers (Selvidge) said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Christmas trees, paper, folded accordian ornaments, silver trees (ours had the revolving color light wheel and turquoise or pink ornaments - why didn't I know then that I would love to have that tree now?) ... Loved all of the photos. Thanks!

Barbara Rankin said...

Thanks for sharing all this glitz and glamour for the holidays. I don't like decorating much anymore, but I sure love looking at it when someone else does it. I still favor the vintage look of rosettes for the decorations. I can't help but be drawn to them.

bellepoupee61 said...

HOHOHO! My godmother had the silver skinny tree!!! and my parents had the "charlie brown" skinny green tree! Christine :D

Heathers Inspiration said...

Such a wonderful array of trees, Magical and festive :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Every year my tree looks like the Charlie Brown one. Not that it's so thin, but the exact same ornaments! And yes, we try to get a less than full tree with a lot of spaces so that the ornaments hang right - so I guess it is a CB tree lol. Stacey

zandra said...

Love to see all kinds of trees, these were great and I had to chuckle at the ladder that would be me too.
Hugz, Z

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Beautiful! I just wanted to crawl into every picture and enjoy!

Tam Francis said...

WOW! so many amazing vintage ideas. I'm a vintage nut, even wrote a vintage novel and I'm working on a craft project of a vintage topiary tree, but so many good ideas here. I love the paper ones and because I sew, I love the button trees and I have a great collection of vintage buttons. Thank you for the inspirations. Happy Christmas!