Saturday, June 8, 2013

Everyday Finery for the Discerning Gentlemen

For a long time, boutonnières have been thought of as archaic, and something reserved for formal occasions - weddings, proms, cotillions, and other events too few in most lifetimes to bother learning about.

And, though they were popular for men in daily wear during the Victorian times (and even earlier), they made a real come-back for the debonair well-dressed gentlemen mid 20th century, when popularized by some of the most suave and considered sophisticated men of the silver screen.

The boutonnière, also known as 'the button hole,' could be anything as humble as a daisy to as elegant as a rose. Most popular was the carnation - a flower readily available and sturdy enough to withstand a day without water in a buttonhole without wilting too badly and still looking nice.
Statice, or sea lavender, is another bloom that will withstand long periods with water and 
retain its freshness.

Roses have long been considered an elegant accessory to a fine suit - and add a splash of color to even the most conservative and dignified of suits.
However, the boutonnière is making a come-back for everyday wear, thanks to stylish and dare-to-be-elegant stars like Sean "Diddy" Combs,
frontman Chris (Coldplay) Martin

and movie star, Viggo Mortensen.
To learn more about the button hole from the tailor's point of view (most cheap suits don't have a button hole constructed sturdy enough to hold up a boutonnière today), click here

As the website "The Art of Manliness" states:
Why Wear a Boutonnière? 
Why should a man wear a flower on his lapel, especially when he is likely to be the only fellow sporting one?  I’ll give you three reasons: 
1.  It’s a great conversation starter – I guarantee someone will ask about it; the key is to be confident as to why you are wearing it. If a compliment is given, simply say thank you, and then move on with the conversation unless your conversation partner(s) wishes to dwell on it.  Nothing sours a conversation more than a man who displays arrogance and who talks about himself too much – the flower in your lapel should be like a spark….a conversation starter, not the subject of the conversation.
2.  You have something to give – How many times have you spent a wonderful evening with a woman you just met, and at the end of the night the only thing you can give her is your business card?  Try leaving her with something a bit more unique and memorable.  Or perhaps you want to make your aunt’s 70th birthday even more special – there are few things nicer to receive than a sincere showing of love accompanied by a flower.
3.  It shows you pay attention to details – When wearing a boutonniere, it’s about realizing and showing that the little things matter.

...Now, go make something beautiful!
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Many of the images in this post have come from the website "The Art of Manliness"


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I adore a man in a suit! It makes them appear so powerful and put together. Jeans & t-shirt are OK for playing around but even then a sport coat makes them look great too!

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"the little things matter". Indeed, they do. Lovely post, Tristan!

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