Monday, May 17, 2010

All work and no play ...

Oh, my aching back!
Because I spent the past two weeks working on quite a few small hangings, my studio had become uninhabitable. Seriously. We're talking Katrina-esque disaster mess here. Stuff everywhere. So I decided to take a day off and clean, straighten, neaten up, and generally not do anything productively artistic. We can all use a slave labor day to keep us humble and thankful right?

I got my sewing and storage shelves straightened out. My mother would be so proud of me - I took off every item, dusted it, Pledged the shelves (we always used Pledge Furniture Wax as a verb - don't ask), and put it all back together. Go ahead. Click on that photo so it gets huge. I defy you to find a speck of dust!

In addition to storing boxes and baskets and jars of things I use in my art, some of the items on these shelves are gifts from dear Bloglandia friends. Just some of the stuff that I treasure and enjoy having around me when I create.

And, here is my neated, rejuvenated, reclaimed, and immaculate work bench! This is the best workbench in the world! Actually, it's an oak and stainless kitchen island from Ikea. But it makes the best work bench. Perfect height ... and all the drawers are so handy. I used to like having the glass fronts and being able to see what is in all the drawers. But they started making me crazy seeing how much they had in them. So I hid them by putting paper "curtains" inside the glass.

The quilt is one of mine (I rotate them) ... and the partial views of paintings are by Jon. More unframed paintings are stored under the bench. Bad storage, but no choice in the matter.

See how those little glass front drawers fit embellishment trays perfectly?! And rubber stamps. And ink pads and embossing powders. And Stickles and alcohol inks. And brads and soldering supplies. And and and ...

I spent so much time emptying out my showcases and Windexing (yes, we use that product as a verb as well!) all the shelves. This holds a lot of gifts and swaps and giveaway prizes, as well as storage for a few of my mini-theatres that haven't sold yet. The piece of red and gold art glass hanging above the cases I found in a wonderful art glass shop in Athens - and the curlicued pottery sculpture is by Jon.
Tell the truth ... does any grown man need this many boxes filled with silk, vintage and reproduction ribbons? Seriously. What do I do with all this stuff?!
So, I'm wiped out. It's been a long day. I should be finished, right?!
But, noooooo. Tomorrow, I have to work on this disaster storage cabinet. I may just find Jimmy Hoffa.

I mean, really, isn't this how everybody stores their supplies for easy accessibility and convenience?
Then, I have to tackle this hodge podge of mediums, glues, adhesives, acrylic paints, and plastic-toys-waiting-to-be-primed-and-then-rusted-for-collages. Do you also buy supplies thinking you need them, only to find out that you have already one - er, two - er, four?
This mess may required a shovel. I hide it all very neatly behind my large "scrap barrel" basket. But, it really must go. However, don't you just KNOW that the second it all gets thrown out, I'm going to need a box exactly that size?!

But, after all is accomplished tomorrow, they can do a featured article about me!
Now, you know you don't want to clean up your studio. So, go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan


Kaerie Faerie said...

I hope you wore a apron, just kidding
your space is so clean and neat, Love the wall color! I did some organizing today too! But no pledge or windex EEKKKK How does one have so much stuff, and it seems to be multiplying, Oh well, time for a movie and some dinner sounds like a good Monday plan
your fairy friend

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

The answer is... YES... you DO need that many boxes filled with silk, vintage and reproduction ribbons! Whatever the condition is, you have a coveted stash of just about everything!!! ;)

Janet Ghio said...

It's like opening Pandoras Box when yo start cleaning your studio. I have a large folding screen that has many boxes and bubble wrap etc hidden behind it in my studio!

Robbie said...

I love what all you've done..but no can't 'post' me into doing the same!

Jo Archer said...

Nope, me neither, I'm a total slut! Yours looks fabulous though.

Raven_Nightwind said...

Everything looks amazing...great job! I love your blog keep up the good work.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Oh, YEAH, I don't know how many bottles of black acrylic paint I have simply b/c I keep forgetting I already have some!

I love the little piggies!! Too cute!!!

Okay, I won't do the white glove test in your studio . . but don't come over and do it on mine or your white gloves will turn black, LOL

I for one would love to go through all your vintage ribbon and lace! Good thing you live far away or I'd be knocking on your door, let me in, let me in!!

I have that same little two drawer box that you have an Eiffel Tower sitting on :) and the gizmo you have your brushes etc in!! MICHAELS!

WOW, talk about FABRIC!!!!

I did create yesterday and today I'm daydreaming about it but I have to work . . . .


peggy gatto said...

Let me in that sore, I could shop til I drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's your address and when are you going AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

the shame is almost too much to bear. do you have any idea how many glue guns i have? maybe 25. i can NEVER find one when i need one. i had just cleaned up my work area when i decided i had to make mosaics. now i have plates, not to mention glass, piled higher than me. and i am a tall chick! ugh! i would like to turn you loose in my work area! you did a great job!

William Bezek said...

Now THAT is one spic and span studio...oh how I wish I could be as organized...You get the June Clever award for sure. If I don't have all my supplies visible I forget about them, so as a result EVERYTHING is out on the tables and workbenches...I fear if you ever saw it dear Tristan you would go into fits!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Oh Tristan I do Love you..What you have accomplished so far is fantastic. I didn't see any blood stains so the dredded "Dust Bunnies" must not have attacked you..WooHoo. Nasty little creature!
Of course you will need that one thing two days after you threw it out. You know that is an un-written rule. I took that picture to huge (400%) and no I couldn't find any dust, Mama would be so proud.
Be sure you take pictures of your new and improved Fibber McGee Storage unit when you get it all pretty. Don't get to close at first you know how easily you bruise when struck by falling objects..
Have a good one my friend.

Createology said...

I found no dust however I did find a wonderful artistic work space with lots of fabulous inspiration. It was so kind of you to share your space. I never admit to over-buying or not remembering I already have...I just get so excited to find something I like so very much. :o)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Tristan, you are so organized! I love it all... your space is awesome!!

xo heather

Maggi said...

Holy smokes, you did a fabulous job! I just love your creative space!

I recently worked over my little creative corner of the room but still so so much to do. *tsk tsk* I also hate to throw away boxes and packaging because I always come up with the best idea ever directly afterwards.

Robin Sanchez said...

I love your CLEAN space.....and the green walls. That fabric looks yummy (and neat) in those cabinets. I would love to see all the trims in those boxes.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Tristan, I clicked on all photos and did the white glove test...CHECK! You passed! You wanna see a real horror show? Come chez moi and see how I stuff everything in drawers in my kitchen, studio, underwear drawer...YES! In my underwear drawer. I was wondering where in thee Sam Hill I put my pearl beads the other day....found em! IN THE KITCHEN DRAWER!

GOOD JOB, and I love some of the little crowns in bags that you have!!!!

Bisous, Anita

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Honey, you come to MY studio right now. You would freak and start a bonfire outside the backdoor!!!
My creative mess is overflowing fact, it is getting so bad that I am considering putting a photo on the blog just to disgrace myself into getting some order.
Well, after the current collage is finished, of course!
I love your house--so much color and cool eyecandy!!!


The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh My Gosh be still my heart!! Did I hear (read) you right Kiddo?? You have a whole slew of plastic toys to RUST!!!??? You know how much I love to play with making rust!! :)

Oye I think you need to be on that new show "Studios of the Stars"!!! This is just way to beautiful to not share with the masses. :) Now you have earned a day at the beach!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Mr. T...

I see one TINNNNNY speck of dust. Clean it up! Right now!


Now...if you don't know what to do with all those ribbons and thingys you can send them right over to little ol' ME!



ShellHawk said...

I did a bit of studio cleaning yesterday, too, only I rediscovered a bunch of skulls and various Halloween items that needed to find a home until the holiday. Now all I need to do is find a nook for the air compressor and sell my old kick wheel, and I'm golden!
I love the feeling of virtue that comes with cleaning, but I hate cleaning! So, hooray for your job well done!

Deborah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said...

Tristan, what fun to see your play/work area! Loving that green on the walls and your cabinets are fabulous.

You have done a terrific job at organizing everything (what deliciously rich fabrics you have!).

Good luck tomorrow at finishing up your Pledging/Windexing and sorting.

(I'm still not finished my room - up to sorting through all my various hunks and chunks of hair).


Deborah said...

You are making me jealous with how much space you have and how nicely everything is organized. I had no idea Jon was an artist too. That must be so nice for both of you. Are you doing the "Where Bloggers Create" blog party next month?

Pattee said...

Tristan! You have such beautiful places to work!!! I love that you showed us where you work and some of your "to do" places to clean.

You inspired me to show off where I work~ so if you'd like to see come on over : )
Happy Tuesday tomorrow~
I love my verification word

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Oh my goodness... you live in my studio...well it looks like mine as my disaster :O). Your organization skills are amazing and I envy them!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

mo.stoneskin said...

I hate to imagine what mess in your place looks like. No offence by the way. I just imagine with all the making of beautiful things it all gets a bit crazy...

...what you need is a slave Labrador.

Silke Powers said...

Ok, I am IMPRESSED!! Not just how neat your space is now, but how pretty! I love how you arrange even your supplies to look gorgeous!! Would you like to come over here and do the same?! Good luck with the rest of it! : ) Silke

Debby said...

You have done good, looks amazing. I think you need all the stuff for sure. You would miss it if it wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness......Are you for hire?? Love your creative area!!
Have a Great Day!!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Please...Please come help me clean my disaster area Tristan...I beg of you (I'm down on your "clean" floor hugging your ankles)

If you don't, then I'll be forced to camp out in your Pledged/Windexed space and make a mess...I swear! ;)

Seriously, your Mom taught you well darling...she was a good woman!

I love coming here in the always start my day off on a bright note!

Sea Witch said...

Oooooooooh, I just want to go shopping in your work area. What fun. Now, I have tacked my work area when it got so bad and it really is rejuvinating to do so. You find things you forgot you had and then the artistic itch starts to kick in because they are look new items again. Love your quilt fabrics, I could spend hours in this room. SEa Witch

Jingle said...

Your space is so full of inspiration! Those stacks of beautifully color sorted fabric are SO amazing! Your studio looks fantastic! Now I want to go home and work on mine!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

When can you be here to organize my workspace? I love how you display/store your quilting fabric.
Yes, I have many multiples of the same thing (everyone does, I'm sure!) We'll be in Athens for a few days this July--any not to be missed places?

Georgina said...

Oh Lord, another clean studio!! Is the Universe sending me a message to do the same...nah!!!

Your disaster is my organization. My studio looks as if someone threw a hand grenade in there and shut the door. Now there's something to say for chaos. Last time I cleaned up my studio, I spent more time looking for things rather than creating. Therefore, I call my studio, chaotic organization!!

Have a great day cleaning...take an Advil and a shot of bourbon when you're done and just chillax!! LOL


Frieda Oxenham said...

Oh, I want to move in!! So organized, so clean and so full of treasures. But all is not lost as I now have my very own Tristan piece of art to bless my studio with. Yes, I've received my gorgeous shrine and fell in love with it on first sight!! Thanks so much and I'm sure it will inspire me.

Glennis said...

Hi, Tristan - No we didn't see "A Little Night Music." We saw "Fela" and it was pretty amazing.

The original production of "A Little Night Music" from the 1970s was the very first B'way show I ever saw - I don't think I could top that.

studioJudith said...

I salute your Grand Accomplishment,
Sir !!
The order of those stacks of fabrics and the colors is especially wondrous.

I'm afraid my little studio is most similar to your last cabinet -
the greatest part about picniking is
it leaves NO mess!


Jorge de Rojas said...

Oh Tristan what a great job you've done! You must have Pledged and Windexed and "409ned" till the ribbons curled. I hope yours stays cleaner longer than mine. You should see my studio today once I got back to work, it's as if Sunday never happened.

Deborah said...

Oh Tristan, I can just see you with your hair tied up like the first photo! So much eye candy! I LOVE your studio. And yes to the buying extras, especially if it is something that I have ever run out of...I swear I will never run out again. **kisses** Deb

creativelenna said...

so awesome, Tristan!!! your studio is looking fabuouso. I know you have those couple of areas to tackle still, but you have done great. It looks organized AND inspiring - yay!

Shell said...

I don't see a speck of dust anywhere. My mom, who is a neat freak, would give you a gold star for the neatness.
Well done, Tristan.
I am amazed at all the beauty you have right there at your fingertips to create whatever you want. I'm sure I could play for hours in your studio.

debi said...

It's looking great so far!
I've been cleaning mine for the last week. I started with my work table, then I do a little bit of cleaning....little bit of creating....
The cleaning goes slower that way, but it doesn't get boring.

Deborah said...

How's your back doing today? Need to come sit in the hot tub? The pig behind Kitten is actually a ceramic Mexican painted pot, but hubby has him filled up with beer caps that he plans to make into a cantina sign. One of my favorite finds at the antique market. **kisskiss** Deb

Anonymous said...

Oh Tristan, at least yoiu have tackled it. I keep shoving things in drawers and saying "some day I will organize" On the outside it is not so bad but when you oen a drawer t is like the snakes that jump out of cans powered by Slinkys. You are well on your way to craft room organization. Good Job! Now stop being such a goodie two shoes and get back to making something beautiful;)

Laraine said...

I was going to clean my workspace today but.........the cat is asleep on it. I wouldn't want to desturb him so it'll just have to wait.

ceecee said...

I could be very happy working in your room. I know it's a pain in the neck, but you will be completely restored when you are sitting there making something beautiful. Hooray!

Kim said...

It is the most gorgeous and artistic work room I have ever seen. I think it would look just as wonderful in its Katrina~esque state. I love to see artist's work rooms.
I had to chuckle at the Pledge statement. When we vacuum ~we "Hoover up"

shabbyfufu said...

Stuff, stuff,'s what art is made of! Can you come over and organize my studio now Tristan? Rest up first's a mess right now! Hugs, Janet

online printing said...

I love doing general cleaning, I just make sure I have something covering my nose to protect against the dust. I love seeing more space after cleaning and I think it is fun to find missing or forgotten stuff while cleaning. Did you find anything that you have been looking for?

Deb said...

OMG you hire out??? After perusing your great studio shots it made me realize how long it's been since I 'Pledged and Windexed' (yes, we used those terms in Canada too!!) my own workshop. (not grand enough to be called a studio, I'm afraid...) Looks fabulous Sweetheart! I hate cleaning up tho' cuz I just can't bear to part with any of my 'stuff'.....I box it, store it, forget I have it, then usually go out and buy the same thing all over again. But it's my 'stuff' and my kids will have to get rid of it when I'm gone!
Deb xoxo