Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Pink Saturday Advertisement 1/30

I think it's fascinating the way pink has been used in advertising. There is the obvious of course...cosmetics for women.

Be sure to click on each ad to see a larger image.

I liked this ad - not only was the photography beautiful, but because I was so impressed a woman could actually match her lipstick and fingernails to her exact dress color. Could Mother Nature have planned it so perfectly?
I had to read the fine print - I really thought this was an ad for an underarm depilatory, and I though Pink Fire might not be such a terrific name as it brings up images of blistered arm pits and emergency runs to the hospital. Luckily, it's just a lipstick - presumably, from the photo, for your underarms.
"Do for me; buy for me; lift me; carry me. Or I'll grind your measly little man-fingers under the heels of my soft-as-a-rose pink at-home pumps. Just a warning, my love."

What do you think this advertising was endorsing? A pink Pontiac? Pink bicycle riding jackets? Gorgeous pink sunsets? Hooking while exercising?Even 7-Up got into the pink advertising frenzy. And I must say, it was a pretty good campaign. It still is. This so makes me want to have a cherry 7-Up float! It has that terrific allure of being both refreshingly tasty and disgustingly sweet.
It might be just me. But a pink rain barrel complete with a pink princess telephone and pink hair ribbons, all exhibited against a groovy pink background, still doesn't make me want to put Lustre Creme on my hair. It just sounds like something you would need - oh, say, salt or flour, to get the grease out.

I am totally confused by this one. It's not because it's a drawing of an angst ridden man, cowering under his chenille bedspread. It's not the fact that he seems terrified of a pink unicorn. It's not even the insipid advice that the pink unicorn has given the cowering man. No, it's the fact that this ad was published in Ladies Home Journal. I'm bewildered by what segment of the Ladies Home Journal readership this was supposed to appeal to.This ad is just fantastic. I'm not sure if the ad was for General Electric or Pepto Bismol - but either way, I want that kitchen! Not as much as I want Marilyn's of "Our Victorian Cottage" (Click here to see it.) But, still I want it. Maybe I need two houses so that I might have them both.
Advertising artists are so clever. I mean, really, does anything just scream "BEER!" like a pink coat and a matching pink umbrella and scarf? Oh - and a poodle. This is so obviously a beer drinker - if you offered this chickie a cosmo or champagne cocktail, can't you tell she would never touch it?!
"Mother, don't tell me not to use three lipsticks at once. I can do my lips and both cheeks at the same time. It's a brilliant time-saving technique. Just wait. It is so going to catch on!"
...and, finally, this ad for Ivory Soap might be in black and white - but, really, let's face it. It's the pinkest ad of them all!
There is lots more pink inspiration at Beverly's Pink Saturday. Take the tour and see all the big and small treasures - all in pink! - that folks have found.

Then - go make something beautiful!
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P.S. I put this way down here so that it can easily be skipped. Trust me, if you are a genteel person of refined sensitivities, you do not want to click on this link. However, if you're an adventurous and open-minded person, you might like this ad that was pointed out to me by Ricë of Notes From the Voodoo Lounge. I will give you fair warning, before you click here, swallow your coffee or tea. This is the spew alert. Click Here. And that is - without question - the final word in pink advertising.
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