Friday, December 15, 2017

...if I were to live in Paris

So, it's Christmas time - the time for wishes ... so I've been doing my share of daydreaming and wishing. I mean, if a boy can't wish for his heart's desire at Christmas, when can he?
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Over the past few months, with our nation in such incredible discord and the future - both socially and economically - so questionable, the spouse has been making disgruntled noises about leaving the country and living someplace else in our waning years. It's not really something I want to do - but I do see the comfort in living out our final years without the stress of racism and class warfare, and homophobia, and political partisanship, and religious hypocrisy invading every area of our lives.

Then, of course, there's the possibility of living in my city of dreams - Paris. No matter how many times I visit, it's not often enough, and living there would be living in a dream. Of course, in order to live the way I would want to live in Paris, the only way it could happen is if we win the lottery. Even though I don't for a second believe that will happen, it hasn't stopped me from stalking the Instagram account of Menager Hug, realtor and purveyor of stunning Parisienne abodes.

Now, I know you think I would have found myself a fabulous rococo palace to spend my lottery winnings on. But, no! I have discovered something far more down-to-earth that will do quite nicely, thank you very much.
Wood-paneling and parquet floors abound, and though not covered in plaster and paint rococo embellishments, it's certainly not without decorative arts charm!.The eclectic duplex apartment sits on the top floors of a grand freestone building in the 16th arrondissement.
Could I be civilized enough to break up a dinner party among more than one table? No, I think a little redecoration would be required here - thought the paneling and chandelier are stunning!
Of course, I would have to insist that these Victorian tête-à-tête chairs come with the apartment…
We used to own one of these delightful and unusual chairs and I loved it. I can immediately think of three plays I directed in which I used it as a set piece - maybe it was more than that. It was recovered more often than Maria von Trapp's window drapes!
The guest room is so rich and warm - rather strange missing a headboard as it is - but that's easily remedied!
I am so thankful that the architect that did this apartment didn't realize that Paris bathrooms are always ridiculously small and inconvenient. This is a beauty!
And, yes, I think I could stand to wake up in this room every morning, opening the drapes, and seeing
this spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower. At 400 square meters with 3 bedrooms, the asking price is for a Hollywood budget: €5,775,000...or $6,735,960.00. You can bet that view of the Eiffel Tower had something to do with a hike in price…

And that concludes my morning of stalking Parisian real estate I can only afford in my dreams.
The home is listed with Menager Hug. (Following their Instagram can be a little problematic for Paris dreamers).

Now, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

 Wouldn't it be wonderful if this Paris bar was right down the street 
from my dream apartment?!

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