Thursday, October 19, 2017

... the magical pink world of Mark Ryden

The Gay Nineties is an American expression to refer nostalgically to the 1890s. Since 2010, the famous Californian illustrator Mark Ryden has been working on the pieces that make up this new exhibition called The Gay 90's: West, which at the moment can only be seen in the USA. Presented as a second part of The Gay 90's that focused on New York City, this time is Los Angeles, the birthplace of Lowbrow, which will be the absolute leading character in the new work. In it, Ryden plays with the clichés of those good times to create a new mythology. As always in the work of this alleged 'artist of the sentimental,' the message has a trap. Integrity hides vice and dreams are never clean. The Gay 90's (West) satirizes nostalgia for the past and presents it only as sentimentality. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, and even a limited edition vinyl where people like Katy Perry, Danny Elfman and Nick Cave have collaborated.
 This video, a diorama automaton called "Memory Lane", which is real, moves to the sound of the song "Daisy Bell" and works with a penny.
"Memory Lane" is an automaton diorama by Mark Ryden. Part of the exhibition 
"The Gay Nineties West"at Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles CA.

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A rehearsal for "Whipped Cream" by Johann Strauss at the 
American Ballet Theatre, NYC with Costumes and Sets by Mark Ryden 2017


JP Bloch said...

Very cool stuff.

Cynthia said...

Wow! That was like Monty Python meets Walt Disney! Weird but cool. . .

Annesphamily said...

Now you have me hooked over here!

Jackie P Neal said...

Wow! That Bicycle built for two song was one of the programmed tunes on our "Electric Organ" growing up, my younger sisters and I would play it and sing over and over until my father would unplug the organ! haahaa
That is one weird ass video! The creativity and imagination Mark has is just crazy WOW! I had to watch it a few times to see everything in it!
Now, to the ballet...did you see this production? It looks quite interesting and really quite beautiful! Would love to see it in real time.
Thanks so much for always sharing things,I might never know about until i visit here Tristan!
Have a great week!

roth phallyka said...

That was like Monty Python meets Walt Disney!