Thursday, October 26, 2017

... how about a little skeleton erotica?

Sex and skeletons? These vintage samples of weird erotica are proof that the two go hand in hand.
Or at least, someone thought they did, back in the Victorian age.
Most of these momento mori scenes were shot at the beginning of the 1900s. Most are simple posed scenes of a nude or nearly-nude girl cavorting with a skeleton. They seem to dance in an almost comical (and slightly unnerving) manner at times.
The final photos in this bizarre collection were taken for a production called Death and the Lady from 1906. Though the scenes contain the same ingredients as the erotica shots, these photos taken for quite opposite reasons. Death and the Lady was a strict Victorian reminder to all good people that card playing and alcohol are evil.

Now, go make something beautiful!
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Jan said...

Where do you come up with these things? So interesting!

Jackie P Neal said...

Wows, some freaky skeletal movements happening here!
And that last piece??? Where on earth did that come from? Yikes! hehee
Thanks Tristan for another interesting post!
Happy Haunting!
Jackie ")