Monday, May 5, 2014

Bring Out the Gypsy in Me

Today I'm exploring the colorful world of Boho Chic interiors. (Boho for 'Bohemian:' a person who has unconventional social habits, esp. an artist or writer. From mid-19th century French bohéhien Gypsy, because Gypsies were thought to come from Bohemia, or because they entered the West through Bohemia.) (Chic for 'elegantly and stylishly fashionable).

The laid back easy going design style focuses on the use of unconventional arrangements to create whimsical settings that are stylish, eye-catching, and somewhat offbeat. It's a trend that's becoming exceedingly popular in both fashion and interior redesigns.

Take a look - can you see yourself lounging about in of these beautiful bohemian schemes?

There are many different ways to create boho chic - though I tend to prefer unique blends of Gypsy-esque and totally elegant refinement, you could also combine ...

Boho Chic with Hollywood Regency

Boho Chic with warm, cozy and inviting comfort.
Here a boho chic fan has incorporated some Southwestern Americana
You can even add boho chic to your kitchen!
 So what are some of the key elements that define a bohemian chic interior? Collectively it’s a design style not focused on perfection, rather it’s developed by forging together a beautiful mix of unique pieces that, in the end, create a scheme reflective of being bold, creative, and carefree. The most important elements are the incorporation of textiles through rugs, curtains, blankets, and pillows. In the end, more fabric is always better! 
 For me, boho chic requires a certain nod to the near east - French bohemian meets Marrakesh fantasy. I particularly like it when authentic Moroccan design like this gorgeous tiled hallway
or this elaborately designed and executed ceiling
inspire a person to invent their own version of this colorful, fanciful, enchanting style

Elaborate vintage and antique lighting in mindblowing 20th century colors are perfect to make your boho chic design glimmer and gleam with mystery and beauty...

detail of elaborate handwork done on silk lampshade of late Victorian electric lamp
Unconventional furniture design working with fanciful and elaborately hued upholstery is part of what makes boho chic so recognizable ... these are some of my favorite pieces

 Baroque chairs, handpainted, and upholstered in original Kaffe Fasset needlepoint upholstery fabric.
...even the pampered dog can get his own boho chic bed!
 The style reflects a scheme that’s filled with the unexpected and is created through the elaborate use of decorative accessories, paintings, and artwork. When designing your own space, pick pieces that tell a story! Throwing in an indoor hammock or swing and creating a cozy space incased with fabric is sure to bring in that bohemian flair that you’re aspiring for. 
There are so many delicious fabrics to use when designing a boho chic space, I could do a month of postings! These are just a few to get you started on your own search for draperies, pillows (lots and lots of pillows!) and fabrics!

Don't forget to add some knock-your-socks-off architectural details - they add elegance, whimsey and the kind of flair that plain ol' painted drywall just isn't going to give you!

I hope you enjoyed our little stroll through Gypsy inspired boho chic interiors today! I hope you found something to delight your eye and soul! - and maybe see colors and furniture in interior design in a new and intriguing way!

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One last parting shot ...
Now, go make something beautiful!
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