Friday, September 18, 2009

Shall we shop? (dum dum dum) On a bright cloud of music ...

So. What I've been working on the past couple of day is the base for the first circus themed mini-theatre project. My goal is two fold: to keep it colorful and playful while still retaining a vintage look; and, getting a circus feel to it without using a lot of actual circus images. I'm having fun - though I really must get the proverbial nose to the proverbial grindstone and finish this one up - I still have two more to go! However, this one is the piece which is helping me work out the infrastructure glitches. This piece will be approximately 20" x 40"+-, which is large for me! The next two should go more smoothly. I do like the colors.

Speaking of color! Wow - I just love the colors used on this embroidery! It is Bokja. It is an old Turkish description of embellished velvet coverings of treasured items for special occasions, notably the embroidered dowry of a bride. I have seen small scarves created of embroidered velvet - but never anything so large and lavish as these used as upholstery. I think it would be so cheerful to live with one of these - what a seat by a window in a breakfast nook, huh?! I first found these via Agnetta at the Swedish blog wabi & sabi , and then searched for the website for Bokja where there are many other items, including pillows, ottomans and tables.

Isn't this an awesome shot of the Eiffel Tower? The photographer must have crowed when he developed THAT remarkable shot.
Of course, there are no mysterious and enticing little stair cases under the Eiffel Tower - nor shops, beyond the Eiffel Tower souvenir spots. But if there were, I know they'd look just like this!

And once you made your way up the staircase to the beckoning door, it would be this jewel box of a shop! Doesn't everything make you want to want to scream, "charge it!"? So many intriguing and lovely things - and displayed so alluringly!

This wonderful shop is the Saint Ouen Paris Market. I'm not sure which I want more - that fab art deco mannequin/bust - or the huge glass display dome! Oh, well - since I'm not going to own either of them for real, I think I'll just take them both!
I also believe that I could find a space for this early 19th century Baccarat chandelier. I'm thinking it would make a gorgeous and witty statement in the bathroom - perhaps over the jacuzzi. Of course, that would mean that I would have to install a jacuzzi. Of course, that would mean that I would have to enlarge the bathroom. Perhaps I'll just enjoy the fixture here.
Isn't this just the best?! Another early 19th century French piece. A child's miniature marionette theatre. I particularly like the returns (the decorated scenery on either side of the proscenium that keeps the audience from seeing backstage) ... they look as if they're either painted or actually have tapestries applied. And the puppets are just enchanting ... I can envision a marionette play full of Spanish soldiers!

I've always been more of a doorbell than a doorknocker guy. I've never found the clang from a doorknocker satisfying - it always sounds like something's breaking to me. However, I might change my mind if I could have this delightful antique French rooster to have guests clang upon arrival. Who am I kidding? If I had this doorknocker in New Haven, it would last one week before it was ripped off. One of the downsides of city life. The beautiful stuff has to remain INdoors.

Of course, not all the great shops are in Paris. Take a look in the window of this fabulous shop in Zurich! Isn't that Robin's Egg Blue roadster the cat's pegnoir?!
I hope my short little post brightened your day a bit. It's a lovely autumnal day here, and, with luck, you're enjoying the same!

I'm going to leave you with my new favorite line from "True Blood" ...

Now, go make something beautiful!
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