Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pet Parade Party

Today is the Pet Parade Party, sponsored by Katillac Shack. Dusty thinks this is a grand idea ... but he has absolutely no - as in none, zero, zilch, nada, zip, NO - interest in wearing any kind of clothing whatsoever. He won't even stand for a scarf. I suppose I should be glad - I would probably be one of those people who have different coats for every day of the week for the dog! Frankly, I just think he's convinced that any type of attire whatsoever would detract from his matinee idol profile!

If he did wear clothing, I suppose it would have to be a safari jacket and a pith helmet ... he does love exploring - especially the first snowfall of the year, which he considers quite the grand adventure. When the snow gets over a foot deep, and he can no longer traverse it, he gets a little less enamored with the whole thing. I understand the feeling completely.
Dusty also loves to chase squirrels ... and would happily yap at the bottom of a tree for hours, trying to coax one down to play. Though some dogs love to eat squirrels, I'm quite sure that Dusty would have no idea what to do with a squirrel if he actually captured one...probably the same as happened when he finally cornered a cat: a quick sit down and whining because he was completely confused by the change of scenario! However, when my sister sent him a squashed squirrel furry toy, he loved it! He still won't really "play" with it. But, he enjoys laying next to it and licking it. I'm not sure, but I think he believes it's his baby. Silly boy! How could he have delivered a baby?! We had him fixed.

But mostly, he just enjoys sprawling out on pillows and cushions and playing the Lord of the Manor. Which, admittedly, he is. He completely rules this roost!
This video of "Design Gives Back: Pet Scarf Project" has raised several thousand dollars for the Northland Pet Pantry. Enjoy the video - and then visit The Katillac Shack and find the many people who are taking their pets for a stroll down the Red Carpet for the Pet Parade Party!

And, of course, as always, after you've made your round and become inspired, go make something beautiful!

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