Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Friday ...

So there I was, happily listening to Götterdämmerung and reading along with the libretto (for about the 567th time), when I realized I was having the urge to find fabulous pictures from around the world and blog them ...

so - there I went - off in search of fabulous things that make us go 'ahhhhhhhhh' ...
First thing I rang across was this pieces of fabulosity. I love all the blue crystals .... it must make everything look like a wintry wonderland when it's lit up and all those blue prisms are shooting light everywhere. I have a feeling this lamp is in an antique shop, as the chain holding it up is hardly the way somebody would install this in their home.
I want this toy! Is this not the coolest tricycle ever?! In my mind, this horse is completely gold gilded and has accents of deep purple and green accents. I'm also pretty sure I'm big enough to take on both these kids and ride off into the sunset on my new bike!
Is this not the saddest photo yet? I totally relate to it. Without that blue chandelier or the equestrian tricycle, I really feel as if I'm adrift in a callous and uncaring world.
Well, not really. But I did think this photo was incredibly effective. Such a lonely looking girl. She's probably pining away for a blue chandelier and a pony bike!

I'm not getting married - already done that. But if I were to be getting married, this is the cake topper I would insist upon having! I think it's wonderful - a delightful blend of steampunk and folk art carving. I found it here on eBay, in case you're in need of a fabulous wedding cake topper!

I've been to Paris quite a number of times (my favorite place in the world!), and have seen the Eiffel Tower at night with all it's lights glittering and twinkling like a thousand camera flashes going off in sequence ... but how I wish I had been there on Bastille Day in 2005, when they replaced all the bulbs with red ones for the celebration - isn't this delightful?! I mean, as if the Eiffel Tower isn't enough of a fantasy, to have it red just add to it's enchanting mystery.

I love these two contrasting images of children. The one so joyous and full of life - the other contemplative and wistful. I also like the contrast between the photographic art form and the drawing art form. Yes, the picture below is a pencil drawing - I had to look three or four times to see it! If you're interested in seeing more, please visit John Gibb's site.
I've wanted a fabulous vintage bird cage for the longest time. But I know that I only want one - and I want it to be fantastic. I hadn't found it - until I saw this one! A gothic birdcage worthy of royalty! I have no idea where it is located - or when this photo was taken. But, I want it! I want it BEFORE I want a blue chandelier and a pony tricycle toy! I think it's just gorgeous. And, if I can please have it, I promise not to put any glitter on it at all!
This shop window is what I always want ever shop window in Paris to look like. Beautiful, fanciful, vaguely mysterious, and completely inviting. Alas. They far more often look like the windows at The Gap. But when you run across one of the truly "Parisienne" shop windows, it's worth a stop and a browse.

Before I close out for the day, I wanted to leave you with this thought ...
I hope you've been inspired to make something beautiful. Me? I'm going back to Wagner and waiting for my epoxy to dry!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

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