Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cole Porter, Greta Garbo, and Privacy Invasion

In honor of Cole Porter, that great American treasure, and his birthday (June 9, 1891), here is a photo of Cole having a good time with Ann Miller, Kathryn Grayson and Jack Cummings. It's hard to find a photo of Cole Porter in which he's smiling. He spent so much of his life in extreme pain, after having his horse fall on him in 1937, and after having numerous operations, finally had his leg amputated. The photos of the composer of "Anything Goes," "Kiss Me Kate," "Nymph Errant," "Panama Hattie," and "Can Can," are usually somber and moody looking.

I was so surprised when I found a photograph of my bedroom online. Why won't people respect my privacy?
If you remember a few days ago I posted a pencil drawing by John S. Gibb ... well, I found another one that just knocks my socks off! I keep examining this drawing to be sure it's not a photograph! Amazing. And it's only 30" wide! To see more of his awesome work, click here.
My friend Peggy sent me this lovely image of the early 20th century actress, Blanche Walsh. Long before Michael Jackson and Coke made headlines, Ms. Walsh got lots of press when her hair caught fire during a performance. I don't know what role she's costumed for here ... but it does rather look as if she's playing Joan of Arc, doesn't it?

Well, in the words of the magnificent Greta Garbo, "Aye vant to be alown." Actually, I need to be alone and get some work done! I have several projects going, and I need to get them all completed and off the work spaces so I can get going on some new ideas!Enjoy your afternoon - hope you're not having the Noah-style storms we're having today! ... and go make something beautiful!
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