Friday, March 16, 2018

My Retirement Job ...

I've been retired for awhile now - that is, I haven't had a regular 9-5 job. Though, I do still toil away at the artisan mines, handcrafting vintage style photo/memory albums, miniature theatres and vignettes, assemblages, holiday ornaments and decorations, and assorted Victorian paper whimseys and fancies.
However, I've now decided what I want as my retirement career. I want to be paid to stand around all day in fabulous and brilliant costumes and have my photo taken.
No, no, no. I'm not thinking of those tired and worn-out characters who tourists swarm at Times Square in their bedraggled and ragtag comic outfits. And, I'm far too old to be one of the chipper sweethearts who parade around the Disney parks thrilling kids of all ages.
No, my retirement job is to be special. It only will take a few weeks each year...and I get to go to Venice, Italy to fulfill my employment requirements. That's right! I want to be a professional walker at Carnevale Venezia - the Venice Carnival!

Carnevale Venezia is the time for grand costume balls, fierce mask contests, towering wigs and a parade of preening, strutting revelers as city residents and visitors from around the world take part in its annual carnival.
The season technically began this year on Jan. 27 with the Flight of the Angel, a ritual dating to the 1500s, and an opening regatta. Others will follow, and the season will end on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday or Martedì Grasso), the day before Ash Wednesday.

For those who can afford it, the de rigueur costumes echo themes of 17th- and 18th-century nobility. But masks of all kinds flood the streets.
On the first Saturday of the festival, the Festa delle Maria, or Parade of the Marias, unfolds. Traditionally, 12 young women are chosen to represent the city, commemorating the rescue of Venetian brides-to-be from pirates centuries ago.
On the following Sunday, a masked eagle will descend from St Mark’s bell tower. The weekly descents are among the carnival’s most popular attractions, but for security reasons, participants in the square have now been capped at 20,000.
Every day, is a competition for the most beautiful mask. The tradition of the mask started in the 13th century, when Venetians held parties before the start of Lent and wore elaborate masks to conceal their identity.
These parties were said to be the only time when aristocrats and peasants, disguised by their masks, played out their fantasies together.
They indulged in illicit activities like gambling, clandestine affairs and political assassinations.

By the 18th century, masks were banned outside during carnival time because they were abused by Venetian gamblers and prostitutes seeking anonymity.
The grand finale is on the final Tuesday before Ash Wednesday ... 
 when a lion will take flight.
Don't you think I've decided upon a perfectly grand retirement career?!
Needless to say, Carnivale is a rich riot of color - but, as this post was created for Beverly's Pink Saturday Blog Hop, I decided to only feature some costumes that were the color of the day! Be sure to check out the other participants to see what they have to offer today at the Blog Hop...just click here.

Now, go make something beautiful!

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