Sunday, June 23, 2013

International Fairy Day Blog Hop

Welcome to Leslie Rahye's 
International Fairy Day Blog Hop!

I realized that before I captured a fairy and put her in a special glass home, I had to actually
make the special glass home! Where does any self-respecting glass home for fairies come
from? Why...The Goodwill Store, of course! I found the perfect shaped jar to keep my fairy
comfortable in, and parted with my $1.29 and brought my future fairy abode home.

I started by making a lid for the jar from chipboard and Prima "Fairy Whisper" paper.
I added some gardener's left-over cuttings, crystal fringe velvet ribbon, sequins, and used polymer flowers and imported heavily decorated beads. Then I glittered some Dresden scrap and wrapped it around the edge of the lid.
I wrapped some bronze metal bead chain around the jar and dangled embellishments that I thought might intrigue my captured fairy - a miniature portrait, a miniture key, miniature brass leaves, miniature brass birdhouse and frame and some lovely fibers and ribbons.

To the inside of the jar, I added gilded branches, handmade mulberry roses, fairy glitter, moss and dyed dried vines. 
What a comfortable and elegant glass home for a fairy to live in!

I found my fairy fairly quickly in the freshly trimmed branches in the front yard. And what a fairy! A fairy queen - complete in 18th century Marie Antoinette garb and wings reminiscent of fine
German paper scrap renderings!

Quickly, I put my fairy into my glass fairy house before she could get away - and here is, ready to celebrate International Fairy Day with Leslie Rahye's International Fairy Blog Hop!
Now, it's time to hop to all the other participating blogs and see what they have in their clever and talented heads to celebrate International Fairy Day!
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