Sunday, January 2, 2011

... and another year glistens ahead with promises

The New Year's Eve celebrations are over ...
... the last of the champagne was toasted with and the last of the confetti tossed

... the last dance is but an echo
...and we've taken off our white ties and packed away our top hats until next year.

Now it's time to sit down and write a blog post - the first of 2011! Please forgive me if I get long-winded or you go on photo overload. But, as it's the first blog post of the year, I don't want to shortchange any of my favorite categories...
Here is a lovely photograph taken by - ah, geesh, I forget his name...and I just facebooked him about this picture! Anyway. It's the first snow - right in time for Christmas! - here on Wooster Square. All homes courtesy of Victorian masters, snow courtesy of God, the other-worldly golden light by the artist.
Sadly, today is grey, rainy, gloomy and slushy. Ych. But, we still try to keep our chins up and style in check!

Before I completely forget about Christmas treasures, don't you just love these little papier maché hot air balloons?! These charming pieces are by Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations. Pay her blog a visit and check out all her lovely things - and tell her Tristan sent you!

I've made my New Year's Resolution:

I thought I would redecorate the upstairs landing. Do you like the hand-painted silk wallcovering? Also notice the chandelier reflected in the gynormous pier glass. Just a trifle.

Now, we all know I don't like to be catty ...But. I will be. I, for one, have never been a huge fan of Donatella Versace. Between the extensive plastic surgery, and the troweled on make up, I'm never sure if it's really Donatella, the fashion designer, or Janet, the lead guitarist for The Electric Mayhem on The Muppet Show. Come to think of it - have they ever been seen in public together? hmmmmmm ....
Anyway. Finding her aesthetic to be on a somewhat different level (stratosphere?) than my own, I was shocked to discover that one of the living rooms I most admired in the latest Elle Decor was actually Ms. Versace's. Yes, that paragon of conspicuous consumption (and Botox) actually has a room that I would give a small toe to have! Who'd've thunk it? This one goes right into the scrapbook of Rooms I Would Move Right Into.

...just a small enchantment from Ulla. I always find so many delights to ooh and aah over on her pages. Be sure to pay her a visit if you aren't a follower already!

Do you have your New Years project already planned? If not, how about re-creating the Disney puppet Pinocchio? If you click on each image (like all the images on Enchanted Revelries) it will lead you to a larger image. Then click on THAT image, and it will grow to life-size templates! I don't have the skills to do this one - but I think it would be such fun to have the real Pinocchio living with me, don't you?!

If that's too much trouble, here's an easier project: a do-it-yourself teen-age boy paper doll.
Is there a better place (or outfit?!) to pick up chicks than the Walmart snack department? "What's your sign, sweet thing?" "Yield"

We're having the gardens groomed soon. Do you approve?

Edith. Just because ... she's Edith!
Those Minnelli kids took playing dress up seriously!
... as does little Tommy
If somebody gave me this eggshell porcelain teapot, I might even think about drinking the filthy stuff and give up coffee.

Those Victorian darlins sure knew how to wear hosiery, didn't they! All that embroidery! I wonder what kind of Victorian cussing was used when they got a run.

Too many holiday cookies and egg nog, eh?

Whenever I see a fantastic and stunningly chic ensemble - with Paris in the background - I always think of my friend, artist Ingrid Mida. This one's for her ...

Okay. Who are they?

The Clarke Theatre - isn't this just a jewel-box of a theatre! I just love the private boxes (the third photo) which allows you to curtain off the rabble and rif raf below until the performance begins!

Update! Artist William Bezek has corrected me! This is NOT Clarke Theatre. It is Cleveland's Severance Hall. And he told us a wonderful interior design tidbit: The filigree on the ceiling of the auditorium is taken from the lace on Mrs. Severance's wedding dress. Thank you, William!
Everybody else be sure to check out his blog -today is a wonderful examination of ... eyebrow plucking!

While on the subject of theatres, I was browsing through production photos of one of my favorite set designers, Clarke Dunham, and discovered this marvelous shot of his production of Madama Butterfly. Of course, it's easy to tell that this is from Butterfly.
What I found interesting was this set from
Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Ernest! I just love the idea that Ernest's London bachelor digs were done up in grand Victorian Chinoiserie! Of course, his country estate was more suitably traditional. It's so much fun to see a truly gifted designer at work!

Now don't make fun - you know you've received an ugly Christmas sweater, too, at one time or another.
Just one last Christmas Polaroid from this holiday at our house ...
Now, I'm off - you should definitely start the new year by making something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan

...are you a smart girl?!

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