Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Relaxing After the Holiday Weekend ...

I love a gang of kids who really know how to have a good time ...

From Princess Margaret's estate auction at Christies is this 1900 3 tier chandelier. I won't even say I want it ... but, I do!
This is the fabulous Moroccan home of Yves St. Laurent which was used in the new Sex and the City 2 film. I love the color surprises - the teal and white checkerboard floor - the aqua and white living room (so spare for a YSL residence!) - the blue chandlier. So beautiful and soothingly cool.

Wyntoon, the summer retreat of William Randolph Hearst, Northern California. The murals are by Willy Pogany, an artist fashionable in the 20s. What I'm most curious about is the "grown-up Hansel and Gretel village" that apparently exists on the same site, according to the book from which these scans were taken. Said village was built by Julia Morgan and commissioned by Hearst after the original Rhenish castle his mother had built burned to the ground. This house is beautiful, but a grown up Hansel and Gretel village??? Seriously??
... just look at these exterior murals! Fantastic!

Let's spin the Wheel of Fashion and see what we come up with today!

Barbara Streisand, Marlene Dietrich, Elsa Martinelli, at a Chanel show, 1967. What a juxtaposition!
"I like my own taste, good or bad!" stated Helena Rubenstein ... and Helena Rubenstein had so much good taste, I'm pretty sure it was oozing from her perfectly refined, scrubbed, and polished pores.

Not only did her wildly successful beauty empire employ 30,000 people, making her one of the richest women in America at the time, but she was also an extremely stylish, fiercely saucy taste maker.

It was said that her style was a cross between "Byzantium and the flea market." I rather like that mix.

This photo of chopines is just for my friend Ingrid ...
Somebody get me a bowl, a spoon and some milk ... I'm ready for breakfast! Apple Jacks on the house!

This is a fashion shot ... but what I love is the apartment! Look at the mouldings and the trims - and doesn't everybody need a secret door to escape once in a while to a world better than this?! And not just any door - a curved door!
As I've mentioned before, until a couple of my blogger friends posted photos of their dollhouses, I was never really interested in them. But, now that I know how much time, skill, and care goes into creating one, I've become fascinated with them. Now, when I see photos of dollhouses that I find especially grand, I feel the urge to share them!

In 1743, Sara Ploos van Amstel-Rothé, a Dutch merchant's wife, employed a different craftsman each for the ivory work, copper and brass, earthenware, and ironwork in her two dollhouses and Below, then commissioned another artisan to build a cabinet to encase it.

What I find especially interesting is that when I take both photos, and blow them up side by side, it is clear that after the dollhouse above was completed, there was some redecoration and reorganization of a few of the rooms before they were permanently installed in the cabinet. And I though the originals were pretty awesome!Check out this stack of drawers from hand-painted chests, desks, and cupboards. Be sure to click the image so you can get a really good look at the detail work - and don't miss the wall murals!

From Indecorous Taste - an astounding blog of beauty and surprise - comes this magical combination of dignified toile cotton print, and candy-colored hues. Click on the link to get her directions (and links to supplies) for this - what she calls - easy DIY. What a statement in a room, right?!

It's one thing to adopt a culture - and something else to totally f**k it up. Looks like a winter white out.

The bedroom was part of the New York city residence of Marie Hélène de Rothchild (1927-1996). The bed, walls, and curtains were all designed by the late (and very great) Geoffrey Bennison. It's a bit fussy, even for me with my love of over the top exuberance. But, it's certainly beautiful, that can't be denied.

A handpainted French pianoforte circa 1860. I'm sure even MY playing would sound good coming from this rare treasure!

I'm sharing two images with you from Ulla's collection of fairytale style and inspiration, Moth Tales.

First, this marvelous mermaid brooch, created by Kelly of Beadfuddled. I'm thinking it would make a pretty fabulous belt buckle!

...and then, for all of who love books and enchanted places as much as I do, this magical image. It comes from perhaps one of the most inventive website titles yet: Bookshelf Porn. It's for those who are excited by bookcases! Wouldn't you love to spend a day (or week!) reading in this fantastic library?! If you super ♥ bookcases, you owe it to yourself to take a little time perusing this site!

It takes a lot of work to put together a dinner party hosted by Mrs. Post of Hillwood. Be sure to click on each image so you can read the attention to detail required!

In the Making Do With What You Have section today, we have the prison cell in Eastern State Penitentiary of gangster Al Capone (1899-1947), where he served nine months on a gun charge. Not even Martha Stewart's cell was this put together!

A hidden grotto at the 14th century Villa La Pietra, in Italy. Look closely, the decor is composed entirely of pebbles and seashells. I wonder how long this feat of magnificence took to complete...

Now that summer has arrived here in gorgeous New England, we can look forward to witnessing more gems like this.

This decadently bejeweled and dripping glam rock orgasm of a $32,500 chandelier by jeweler Erickson Beamon is still available at Vivre. WHY?

Yo. What are you lookin' at?

The café entrance to Brassi Place d'Italie in Paris, 1943. Don't you want to stop in for an espresso? - or an absinthe?! It's so romantic looking!

...an excellent example of walking the fine line between beautiful and questionable with conviction...

Good, better, best...
This marvelous assemblage is by the mass market grunge-and-distress king of the mixed media universe, Tim Holtz. I find his curio 'cabinet' intriguing and whimsical and mysterious. Apparently he gives workshops on making this jewel - but I don't think he ever comes to CT. I would very much have fun making one of these and using a lot of my what-am-I-ever-going-to-do-with-this-fabulous-thing junk!

Well, I'm off to start playing with fabric and working on a new quilt. While I'm away, here is something I thought you might get a kick out of playing with ...Now, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan

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