Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Hope The Dogs Bit 'Em!

Tell the truth. Doesn't this dog not look both bewildered and ticked off? Those are not the eyes of a happy pink dog. Trust me on this.
And what woman thought that dying the dog fuschia wasn't enough, but that Dame Fashion demanded the poor thing must have highlights?
I give up on this one. Pink - AND a rhinestone collar. Sex reassignment surgery is only option left for this tough guy.
Does anything say "I love my dog" as much as dying it to look like a Sesame Street character?
Please notice, in addition to the dye job, the ponytails. Either this dog belongs to Cyndi Lauper, or the owner should be required to wear glasses - and step five feet away from the vodka gimlet - when grooming her/his dog.
Oh, no. Look into those eyes! This poor God's creature is totally traumatized by the event. Call in Stabler and Benson - it's her only hope! If anything qualifies a pooch as a Special Victim, it's this look.
Don't young hawt chicks have any feelings for their pets? Not only is this dog pink, but it's mottled dye job makes the poor fella appear to have mange or some other awful dog skin disease. I hope all the necklaces he has on his neck gets tangled around those girls' ankles and he drags them up the street on their butts. See how THEY like having pink skin!
If we would just listen to our pets, they probably say it better than we can ourselves ...
Okay. Enough with the animal cruelty. For far prettier and more romantic pinkness, be sure to check out Beverly's Pink Saturday and visit all the other participants!

And, then, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan

... just discovered ... shame on you Doris!!!

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