Saturday, December 19, 2009

Decking the Halls...well, the studio trees, anyway...

Not wanting to be confused with any of the above nefarious creatures, I spent the greater part of yesterday decorating the two trees in my studio ... one is an artificial pink tree and the other is a tree-shaped wire ornament display. As always, if you click on any of the photos, you'll see an extra large version.

These are a few of my favorite ornament collections - some of the Wizard of Oz characters, and some of my Marilyn Monroe ornaments ...
why is it so hard to photograph Christmas ornaments? I love the huge globe ornament in the bottom right of this photo ... so extravagant!
Here are a few more of the Marilyns...and the Red Queen from the Alice in Wonderland series of ornaments that I actually STOPPED collecting because things were getting out of hand.
This is my new Marilyn ornament. I try to get a new one every year - but, there aren't that many of them out there anymore. And, frankly, I'm a little fussy about them, so they're even harder to find. (Notice the Lullaby League Girl from Oz behind Marilyn?)
More "Wizard of Oz" characters. The little scene in the lower right is battery operated and when you push the button you hear Glinda. "You don't need to be helped any longer. You've always had the power to go back to Kansas. Now those magic slippers will take you home in two seconds. Just close your eyes and tap your heels togethr three times. And think to yourself, 'There's no place like home. There's no place like home."
This is my new "Oz" ornament this year. When it's plugged into a light string, the carriage bounces and you hear the driver say "This is the horse of a different color you've heard tell about." and then the song "Optimistic Voices."
These are three of the seven globes that contain scenes from Wizard of Oz by the Branford Exchange. They're too darned heavy to hang on a tree, so I just put them around the base. They're very detailed - I love 'em!
Where else would Glinda look as at home as on the top of the pink Christmas tree?

These are a few of my most absolute most favorite ornaments! I love large glass ornaments, and this 6" golden egg is just exquisite. I really like the combination of matte and glossy gold - and of course, the "jewels" at each junction of a gold glittered line!

This chubby diva is adorable. I found her in Paris a couple of years ago, and always smile when I unpack her each year - she's covered with beading and 'gems' - and feathers, no less! ... very Moulin Rouge! I also think the frog lovers are too cute ... and the castle-in-the-clouds ornament has long been a favorite.This blown glass angel is almost eight inches high - a really large glass ornament. Also, click on the photo and look at the egg shaped ornament behind her - it's so detailed and lavishly decorated.
Well, that's it for the trees in the studio. Today I'm starting the decorations in the living room. This is just the beginning ... our metal sculptures of the Three Magi.
If you're here in the Northeast, stay bundled, warm, cozy, and SAFE during the nor-easter they're promising us. And most importantly ... dress appropriately!!!
All that snow - and the holidays practically here - it's the perfect time ... now go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan


studioJudith said...

If I could only have ONE tour of a Christmas tree this year .... it would be yours!
Where else could I find
Marilyn Does the Wizard of Oz??


a painter said...

Your studio trees are gorgeous! That "horse of different color" ornament is over-the-top fabulous!

I am a few miles north of you and bracing for the storm.

Stay safe and warm...and have a wonderful holiday.

Frippery said...

Tristan, Just absolutely beautiful. Love the Oz ornaments. My hubs collects the handblown glass ornies too. The Magi are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your trees with us.

audrey said...

This post is splendid!! Love your trees. Glenda looks perfect on top of the pink tree and all of your glass ornaments are wonderful. I love the old world glass ornaments ~ that is pretty much all I put on my tree.
I had that same exact wire tree, Tristan. A number of years ago I sold it and now I could kick myself. I would love to have it back. ):
Your decorations look great! Merry, merry!!
♥ audrey

Shell said...

I love your trees. I always get traditional ornaments. I never thought of branching out (pardon the pun) and getting ornaments from other things I like.
I enjoyed your list of Christmas movies you watch, too.

shari said...

love your pink tree, tristan. i saw a lime green tree at a festival of trees and i soooo wanted to bring it home but...regrets. it had bubbling blue water in the clear tube that was the "trunk". so fun! i love the dr. suess colors of christmas. your posts are always so much fun. thanks for sharing...

Jorge de Rojas said...

Hey Tristan,
love your trees. I have a couple Marilyn's myself, they are very hard to find. If you like Wizard' of Oz check out my last post, all about my connection and love to it. Thanks for sharing you unique extravaganza with us. Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Tristan.... I love all your ornament collections especially Marilyn & Oz!! When I was a little girl I LOVED The Wizard of Oz... (note: the monkeys freaked me out a lot!)LOL!!
We have no snow yet (3:00 p.m.) here in NE Pa. I am doing the Happy Dance... So far so good...
Stay warm!!
Merry Christmas!

Cheryl said...

Tristan I love all of your ornaments! Just Gorgeous Have a Wonderful Holiday
Peace and Many Blessings
Cheryl ...Snatch JOY!

g said...

Wow, what a great way to display your ornaments without cutting down a live tree, or having a tacky fake one!

And stay warm - our son was lucky he flew out of JFK yesterday morning before it all hit!

Valarie said...

Tristan.....I adore your Wizard of Oz Ornaments. THey are amazing. Of coarse, why wouldn't you love the amazing Marilyn Monroe?? I didn't even know they had such fabulous ornaments for her!!! Your pink tree is fab!!! I hope that your holidays are wonderful. Let me know when you get the little gift I sent.
xxoo Valarie

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh Kiddo,

What amazing collections they all are. I adore the many jewel fabrege type eggs you have!! The few I had were left up north with the boys. They would have the life expectancy of a nanosecond here. Every floor is tile over concrete or brick!!! In fact you would be hard pressed to find a glass ornament in the country. sooooo for now I will enjoy my love for beautiful eggs by drooling over yours!! :)

Take care dear friend, stay warm and dry. If I don't get to talk to you before Christmas I wish you and Jon a most wonderful Christmas and hope you make amazing memories!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, how I adore you. Your darling card came and I HAVE YOUR ADDRESS! Something for you this way comes....thank you Tristan for your comments on my Tea post; yes darlin', wouldn't one of those opulent chandeliers just go fine in the bedroom? I have one in my kitchen, music room and dining roo and having one in my kitchen takes cooking to a level of luxury! You are now in my little artists don't skip a beat! It was too easy, but oh what fun!!! Your studio décor is festive, fun, wonderful, and it speaks of YOU...I LOVE IT! Have a wonderful countdown to the big day, and do stay in when that Noreaster hits....I lived in Boston for many years and I know the situation! GROSSES BISES, Anita

Kaerie Faerie said...

Your trees are marvy, love the pink one, and I thought I put a lot of ornies on! We are getting a little cold down here, and I'm driving to Miami Beach tomorrow, I hear it is flooded, oh well, Stone Crab and Drag Queen Shows in my future, I'll wear hip-boots and that hat would be fab with my ensemble!
Happy Holidays
your fairy friend

Paula said...

What a magical place your home must be! I am totally enchanted and would love to visit, but alas these photos will suffice for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my....what a joy to behold all your gorgeous ornaments, Tristan!.....each one kept being my, i love them all!
Many blessings of joy to you and yours..
hugs, gypsy

My Crafty Little Page said...

Laughing...glad you stopped that "alice" collection before things got out of hand. Wonderful collection of Marilyns and W of Oz. Have a fabulous holiday and stay warm. :) Nancy

Julio said...

Hi Tristan!

I love the Wizard of Oz ornaments,especially the horse of a different color. I especially love the chubby diva from Paris..LOL.

peggy gatto said...

A magical post!!!

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

Your trees are fabulous dahhhhllling. I love that glass Marilyn Monroe ornament! Quite nice. The postcard is my personal fave, I got a little giggle out of the devil being pictured. Enjoy the snow, I bet Dusty will have fun in all the drifts, but I am sure he will need some kind of stunning outerwear to weather this storm
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Tristan,

It's been snowing here but the worst of the storm just grazed me here in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains and headed full force into North Carolina and up the coast to you.

I love your ornaments..quite a collection you have. If my monitor is seeing the color correctly your studio is painted Chartreuse?? favorite much of my 1950's Barkcloth has that color and it's just fabulous...I've found that people either ♥LOVE it or absolutely loath it..:0)

I see your PiNk tree..cute, cute!....You know I'm a PiNk junkie so I'll give you my link so you can see my two sweet little trees for this is pink and one is white.

Too bad Dusty won't wear a sweater..he'd really enjoy a warm merino wool sweater right now!...just ask Miss Morgan. :0) It's funny how some of the furbabies love to wear clothes while others run out of the room screaming at the site of it...LOL

Stay Warm,

Ingrid Mida said...

Your tree is too fabulous for words! Merry Christmas!

Marie Antionette said...

Very lovely Tristan,
Love The Wizard of Oz orn. and Glenda is just beautiful. The blown gladd Angel is classic.
Merry Christmas And wonderful joys your way,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Rella said...

Oh My!!!!!!!! Splendeliciousness!! Your 'over-the-top' decorating makes me especially happy and I will need to come back again and again to visit. As a CT gal for about 40 years, (Cheshire, Watertown, Litchfield) I used to take the bus during my teenage years into New Haven...loved it!! Wishing you a white, joyous, and happy Christmas.

xo Rella

Beverly said...

Wow, I love how you have your ornaments displayed. So unusual and unique. And, you have such an awesome selection of ornaments. I especially love your Paris lady. She is too cute.

I hope you're staying safe and warm. Happy holidays. You should have put this post in Pink Saturday. ;-)

Tamerie Shriver said...

Those are some fancy trees!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year!


Sue said...

Tristan, I just caught up on your last two posts .....both SO satisfying and yummy! I confess that after dinner I wanted something sweet and decadent tasting
and since I'm trying to watch what I eat (how boring, watching and not eating!), I declined dessert.

Came here and I feel like I have gorged myself on the most extravagant dessert ever! Can't wait to see your next post on the rest of your seasonal decorating! UMMmmm...

mo.stoneskin said...

I have to confess that I may have to turn down your Christmas dinner invite. While I love your charm and wit I feel that those extravagant decorations may just be a bit too much for my delicately plain taste...

Anonymous said...

Those Monroe ornaments must be mine! *cackle, cackle*

Andrea said...

So pretty! And yes I am going to make something beautiful today!!

Mary Anne Drury said...

WOW WOW WOW !!!! Those are some snazzy jazzy ornaments / trees !!!!
LOVE them !!!

Have a Merry SPARKLY Christmas !

friedaquilter said...

Oh super gorgeous and delicious, Tristan. Just goes to show that a little of what you fancy does you good and a lotof what you fancy is even better for you!!

prashant said...

Your studio trees are gorgeous! That "horse of different color" ornament is over-the-top fabulous!

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