Saturday, November 7, 2009

C'mon! Everybody do the Pink Saturday Stomp ...

You just know this hip groovy chick is excited that it's Pink Saturday! She has thrown off her scarf and tossed aside her typewriter so she's able to be totally in step with the day!
This cool (though foolish) babe probably doesn't have any fabulous pink toile in her home.
More than likely she has this fab pink bordered vintage tablecloth, complete with oh-so-moderne kitchen tools and serving pieces. If you would like to buy this blast from the past, it's available at Sharon's Antiques and Vintage Fabrics. I hardly think this delightful Victorian needle case would be used by our swingin bird ... but it's lovely just the same.
And I doubt she's hip enough to have anything like this exquisite piece of work. Made from deconstructed and reconstructed vintage fiber pieces including crochet, lace, and embroidery, with bits of assorted fabric and ribbon. Inspired by the fragile and ever changing petals of a pink rose. To see more of these fiber art pieces inspired by nature; created by deconstructing and reconstructing vintage fiber pieces including lace, crochet, and embroidery, click here. I don't know the artist's name - only her flickr i.d. BooDilly.

Wouldn't this be a super appetizer buffet to feature at your next oh-so-chic soirée? And you don't even have to worry about traffic flow, as it's on wheels and the buffet can go to the guests!
No doubt, there would be many photos of that posh buffet taken with this retro pink Polaroid ...

...and perhaps all the canapes and hors d'oeuvres were prepared on pink beauty! Perhaps even our original Pink Saturday Stomp girl has this in her bachelor girl's pad!I wonder if she creates beautiful Christmas decorations after she finishes using her bottle brush to clean up after the soirée.

This pink sofa is a bit too much on the stage decór side for me ... but, still, it is dramatic and would make quite a splash in a sunny solarium surrounded by gigantic plants ... and perhaps a white stone fountain?
On the other hand, I just love this room. I don't think I could live in a room that is so perfectly put together that by merely sitting in the room I would be spoiling the design. But, still, I love it...and I love that barely-seen pink sparkly egg-shaped light fixture in the corner.
I hope our lady with the pink knee socks doesn't have this room. For me, this is just pink gone terribly wrong. I know it's for a baby - but, the combination of the various shades of pink and all those patterns and the plethora of accessories just looks like a big heap to me. So why did I post a picture I think exhibits poor design? Mostly, because I was astounded that somebody would go through all this trouble to design a nursery, but choose not to cover over the concrete block walls. I mean, does anything really say soft and comforting like concrete?
I found this wonderful wonderful crown at Holly Doodle Designs. I suppose it would be greedy of me to say that I want this sent to me immediately so that I can add it to my ever-growing collection of hand made crowns. Well, I don't care. I want it. You should check out her site - she makes really really nice things. Mostly romantic and vintage looking and dangerous to the AmEx!

Well, we came in with our groovy secretary boogier, but I think we'll leave with one of my all time favorite actresses (Tilda Swinton, of course!). Who else could look that absolutely fabulous wearing a ribbon storage holder?
I hope you've enjoyed your visit here for Pink Saturday. Be sure to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and see all the links to the wonderful sites participating in this popular event this week.

Now, get yourself inspired - and go make something beautiful! (Be sure to let me see!)
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥


peggy gatto said...

First of all, I'd love to cook up a storm on that stove!!!!!
Tilda is one of the most fascinating actresses and also the skinniest!!!
Please pass the cotton candy!!!!
Enjoy your pink day!!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy PiNk to you, Tristan

I have cracked up over the nursery with cinder block walls, the tablecloth needs to become part of my collection. :0) The Crown needs to live with me as well. Do I smell the AmEx melting?! hehe

Scatter Bliss...

Anonymous said...

Morning Tristan....
3:40 a.m. here & 25 degrees...such a gawd-awful time on a Sat. but Hubby had to deliver freight early today...:-(

I love the pink & green sofa. Need it for my sunroom.... No kidding & the next sofa pic?? Do I spy Marilyn??
Have had a passion for those retro appliances but in RED please!!
Just loved your post...
Have a Wonderful Weekend & stay warm!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH YEAH...Pink Saturday a go-go chez toi, Tristan! I love all your 60s choices; they bring back great memories of when I was about 10 years old, wanting a pair of white go-go boots, a bachelor pad of my own, AND...a pink stove. Love all your pics and you are right, that nursery is a bit much. Like Bette Midler said in Beaches when she walked into one of the dives she was to sing in, "It looks like a flamingo threw up in here!" Cheers, Anita

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think I should like the pink typewriter and stove please!
Wow.....some of the things that turn up pink. It's eithger beautiful or, ummmmmm, should be left alone. Amazing how pink can be at such extremes!
And maybe I should pass on those pink knee socks......I'll knit something a bit more *me*... ;)


KarenHarveyCox said...

OMG Tristan, we really are kindred spirits...I posted about the 60's and being groovy on my Pink Saturday post. I love all of these images. They truly bring me back down memory land. I have to visit Sharon's Antiques and Vintage Fabrics. Hmm I wonder if she has any flowered bell bottoms!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hey there dearest....I am with you on that carved out fireplace; I love OPULENCE TOO!!!! Happy Saturday, Anita

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

I was so thrilled to see your Pink Saturday post! You always have the most delicious pink eye candy for us!! Wow, I don't know which one I like better, they are all FABULOUS!!!

Have a pinkalicious day!


William Bezek said...

All this pink makes me queasy, I need some Pepto-Bismal...AHHHH!(Horror Film Scream)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Tristan, this wins the prize for the most creative, most inspirational Pink Saturday post! Where do you find all of these wonderful pink things? Love them ALL!

When I was but a wee magpie, I had a toy pink stove exactly like the one you showed, and I loved it. I am also wishing I had one of those pink typewriters when I was in grad school... maybe I would have finished not just my masters but a doctorate as well! Who could resist sitting down at that cuteness.

Happy Pink Saturday to you...


Sheila :-)

Kaerie Faerie said...

I so enjoyed your Sat Pink post, I had no idea, that my favorite color was used in so many ways LOL
my fav the last pic, ribbon gown
I'm a sucker for wild couture

Georgina said...

Oh Tristan, I love your pink selection. I had a pink polaroid at one time...wish my mother and sister weren't such a purgers!! I love that pink nursery...sigh, my daughter keeps spitting out boys, so I'll never see a little pink nursery ever!!! LOL Have a great weekend and thank you so much for your lovely comments.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Your post are always such an EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! You are just too darn fun!

m ^..^

sinnlighet said...

Tristan, your blog is fantastic!! Love love love your feeling!

The swedish one


Catharina Maria said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks so much for sharing and please come visit when you have a moment!
Love from the Netherlands Rini

peggy gatto said...

The first movie I saw with her was "orlando"!
Beautifully filmed with great costumes!!!!

Shell said...

I am loving all this beautiful pinkness here. Thanks for the love on my video. The broom in the background was for show for Halloween. One day, maybe I will get a magical moon for the full moon nights.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my!!! What fabulous finds!! I see so many things that I would LOVE to have!! Thanks for the window shopping trip!!

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Wow! This is a totally awesome pink post! Love every single photo!

~ Gabriela ~

Bill C. said...

My word! Once you get back to the pink, you don't stop until you've done it all. I have to agree with someone above. The pink stove is amazing. I've seen turquoise, but never pink. I wonder if there was pink refrigerator to match? Just right for serving Pink Squirrels!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I always look forward to your Saturday Pink Posts...You never fail to put a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart...And when I posted the last piece in the Dragon Fly series I almost put this is for Tristan...You are a sweetheart and a beautiful person...Always be you because you just can't top that....Happy Pink:)

susanscraps said...

Love all the neat pink stuff you found! but...the nursery is clapboard, short pieces, not cement block (checked with my masonary trained hubby)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

thanks susanscraps

that makes more sense

but it still LOOKS like concrete blocks LOL

friedaquilter said...

It's great to have your Pink Saturday wonderful pictures to drool over again, Tristan. And I particularly love all the textile treasures!

Tamerie Shriver said...

Wow! That's a lot of pink! Growing up (early 70's) my best friend's kitchen had ALL pink appliances! At the time, I thought it kind of weird. Now, I'd love it.

As I am little behind, I hope you had a lovely pink Saturday and are having a wonderful Sunday, pink or otherwise!


audrey said...

Hi Tristan.
Pink Saturday is past, but I enjoyed it just as much on Sunday!! LOL.
I had a boring black polaroid ~ never saw a pink one! I agree - the baby room is not good!! A bit much! The crown and typewriter are fabulous and I am coveting the pink bottlebrush trees. I have a collection of vintage ones, but no pink ):
This was my first Pink Saturday experience. I couldn't have picked a better blog to see it on. You always have the GREATEST explanations for your photographs!!
Such fun ~ loved the post!

yoborobo said...

It's Monday, but I'm lovin' this Pink Saturday! I'd like the stove and the typewriter (I'd have to arm-wrestle Anne for them!). Lovely pics, your blog is so fantastic! :) Pam

Maggi said...

Wow, me want all. lol Especially her fabulous pink outfit!

studioJudith said...

All that ribbon is so very UN-Tilda!

But it's a great image. Love her.
that Pink Marilyn room
all that other wondrous TristanPink !

I've posted a response to your question about how I do those layered postcards, with some detailed pics .... .
better still - send me your address and I'll send you one :-)


robin dudley-howes said...

Oh what gorgeous pics....lets see I want the crown, stove and polaroid camera and I want the diva in pink for a grand soiree...

Deborah said...

Tristan, Beautiful pinks as always. I love that first couch. I want it very badly. I can just see myself on it. I also love your brave pink rose. You have certainly memorialized him with your lovely photograph. Thanks for the other links too and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been so busy finishing up stuff for swaps I joined. Not even close to done yet. Have a great week.