Monday, August 17, 2009

Art Treats In the Good Old Summertime

I hope everybody is having a wonderful summer, frolicking out in nature, and moving with the rhythms of the breezes ... and wearing lots of sun screen, of course!

As promised about a bazillion years ago, I'm posting a few photos of the art swaps I've been involved in during the past couple months...I've received such wonderful little treasures!!!

First, in the Mad Tea Party Hat swap, at Mad Tea Party Mail Art, I was gifted this outrageous Tower of Pisa hat by Rebecca of Sugar and Spice Art Confections. Isn't it fun?! There are layers and layers of ruffled crepe paper and ball fringe and paper embellishments and ... LOL. It's loaded with goodies!

...and take a look at the top! A complete Alice in Wonderland court scene! I just love it.

This was my contribution, which was sent off to Deborah of The Painted Nest. I got a little carried away, and I think it's way too heavy to wear in the Halloween parade! But I couldn't resist putting the entire tea set on the hat!

This beauty was a private swap with K.C.Willis of Lipstick Ranch. Be sure to click on the photo to see a larger image (as with all photos here!), and look at all the delightful details. This is such a beautiful piece ... it's hanging in my studio now, and I always get inspired when I stop to examine it!
Now, take a look at this absolutely exquisite and lavish masquerade diadem, which was part of a swap at Marie Antoinette Mail Art group. This beauty was created by Cassandra, and I'm just enchanted with it! Feathers and sequins and gold, oh my! It really is extravagant, and the photo just does not do it justice. You can see more of Cassandra's creations by clicking here.
Several months ago, I participated in a 'tag,' in which we were to offer to give a piece of art to three people, who would then gift you with a piece of their art. How lucky was I to have my friend Anne Huskey-Lockard of el Milagro Studios take up the challenge!? I received this evocative piece from Anne. It's a two-sided canvas - with the 'back' of the canvas serving as a shadowbox. It is wonderful wonderful wonderful! I wanted to hang it in my studio, but there was a bit of a tussle over it here, so we have it sitting in our bedroom. I'm not going to hang it, because I was the freedom to turn it from front to back and then reverse it again as the whim grabs me. If you haven't been to Anne's blog, be sure to pay her a visit. Not only is she a fine artist, she's a delightful writer who always can bring a smile ... and be sure to check out her religious vestments - ooh la la! Quite proper, yet oh-so-glam!

This is the piece I sent to Anne. The little saying under the photo is "I know I missed the boat called perfection; but my errors are portals of discovery; and there are times; when a little madness sets me free."

Well, that's it for the art show today! Aren't I the luckiest of boys?! ... so many talented and generous friends!

OH! I have to share with you a recent sale I made!
This came out of the blue - no previous discussion about the work or even a query as to shipping costs! I was quite pleasantly surprised (to say the least) - for a minute. Then, I remembered the old saying, 'if it's too good to be true, it probably is.' When I took it to the bank, I asked the teller if there was a way of verifying it before I deposited it into my account. She called the bank manager over, who told me that there was no way to actually verify it, as it was a computer generated check without an original signature. Then she informed me if it were fraudulent, Bank of America would close my(?!) account for depositing forged checks. I chose to get in touch with the "buyer" and explain the problem. I have never heard from them since. Four-thousand-dollars-easy-come-four-thousand-dollars-easy-go!

Before I head to the studio, and leave you to your own summertime devices, I'm sharing one of the most exquisite pieces of work I've seen in some time. Just look at the detail and workmanship! Astounding...and to be worn UNDER clothing! Nobody would ever see it! I can't imagine the sleeve pouf big enough to cover those shoulder embellishments!

Now, stay cool - and go make something beautiful today!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥
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